Captain Tiberius Pech of Lomanii

"Even my enemies do as they are told..."
User: David
Campaign: How Time Flies
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Bard/Adroit Explorer/11 (10/1)
Standing 5'10" and weighing in at just shy of 200lbs, Captain Pech is an interesting exercise in contrast. Dark haired and handsome, but unkempt. He wears an adamantium bracelet on his left wrist, a circlet that lets him sing silently into the minds of his allies, and a dark brown overcoat. His tan clothes contrast with his dark grey chainmail armor. His sword is his dancing partner, a classic bastard sword. He also carries a Zil handcrossbow, two throwing daggers, and a Short sword.

At a glance inventory:

Armor - Chainmail
Primary Weapon - Bastard Sword
Secondary Weapon -Short Sword
Ranged Weapon - Hand Crossbow
Other Weapons - Pair of Throwing Knives
Other Items of Interest:
Dark Brown Overcoat w/ Hood and throwing knife sheath's (tip up)
Tan Officers Combat uniform (insignia removed)
Steel Circlet
Woven Adamantium Bracelet
Grey Boots
Brown Belt
Small Backpack (22in (h) x 18in (w) x 6in (t)
Belt pouch on each side of body where swords are attached. (left for bolt clips / right for misc)
Crossbow holster on small of back
You know little of Captain Pech's background other than that he comes from a very wealthy family. Wealthy enough to buy him an officer commission. His father was either a sage or a clergyman. His mother was a reporter for a major publication in Metrol. His older sister is married to trader or craftsman and lives in Sharn. The whereabouts and disposition of his parents is unknown.
Captain Pech is a good officer, but his love is for the field of battle. Particularly small scale engagements and raids. When he made Captain, he requested that he be assigned to the 13th Special Strike Company. He was made a desk officer upon arrival, until the camp near the border of Thrane was attacked and he led a rallying strike to command cadre of the atacking forces. Due to his skill, he was given command of his own team. The team he was given was... less than satisfactory. When he single-handedly saved the team from a Warforged Juggernaut, he was given leave to select his own team. Captain Pech spent three months pouring over service records and selected each of the members of his team. His team has the distinction of never having failed a mission.