"Nature shall free us from sickness"
User: Billy
Race: Aasimar
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Cleric/Level 1
My character is stands around 6feet tall, has blond hair with hints of brown hues mixed in and gentle blue eyes. His hair is longer then most other men's ending just below his neckline and he has a full beard growing from his chin. He looks wild but keeps his hair clean and his beard cleansed. He has bits of white cloth and other decorative items weaved into his hair. He wears blue and green the traditional colors of his Deity Gozreh. A symbol of the trident and a leaf embroider his clothing. Underneith he wears a suit of scale mail with holy symbols upon it. He carries a heavy steel shield on his arm and has a trident strapped across his back.
He grew up in a small town with only his parents to keep his company. He had wanted siblings but a accident had left his mother unable to conceive anymore children after his birth. His family were poor farmers so he had a poverty stricken childhood. The only solace he ever received was from a nearby temple dedicated to Gozreth. He enjoyed visiting the temple and made friends with many of the clerics who lived there. being around nature and swimming in the nearby lake became his favorite things to do. He worked the farm with his parents for many years and would have been happy to lived that kind of life forever. But it was not meant to be, his parents were killed while he was away in town selling produce. After returning home he felt lost and had no one to turn to. The clerics that had befriended him found out about his plight and soon invited him into the temple. Years later he has decided to leave the temple and spread the word of Gozreth into the world.
He is a Aasimar cleric(note he did not know he was a Aasimar until he met people who pointed it out to him). He uses a Trident and does his best to stay Neutral in most situations. He has been known to help others if they seem worthy and has never shied away from healing those in need. Farmers and people who work with the seas are some of his favorite individuals. He is quick to defend other against villainous individuals if it seems they cannot defend themselves. Caleb has been known to assist lost travelers, plow a field, and do other labor tasks.