Mad Stan

"I'm gonna blow 'em all up!"
User: ignoblegnome
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class: The Wronged
Charm: +1
Cool: -1
Sharp: +1
Tough: +3
Weird: +1

Niece and nephew, but more importantly, his faith in the system. Stan was in denial that monsters were real.

I Know My Prey: +1 ongoing when you are (knowingly) investigating, pursuing or fighting the type of monster that caused your loss.
Berserk: No matter how much harm you take, you can keep going until the current fight is over. During a fight, the Keeper may not use harm moves on you. After it ends, all harm takes effect as normal.
Never Again: In combat, you may choose to Protect someone without rolling, as if you had rolled a 10+, but you may not choose to "suffer little harm".
Tools Matter: With your signature weapon, you get +1 to kick some ass.
What Does Not Kill Me: If you have suffered harm in s fight, you gain +
Haven: (14 ft. cargo van that acts as Stan’s Workshop and Infirmary): See description under Biography.
Killer's Wisdom: Study the enemy. Take 3 rounds to observe, roll +Sharp. On 10+, hold 2. On 7-9, hold 1. Spend hold to give self or another hunter. +1 ongoing Vs. monster until end of encounter. Do +2 harm. Tell another hunter where to hit (+1 harm).
Finish Him (The Hard Case): If you nflict injury to 3 harm or more, you may immediately follow up with another attack. Roll +Tough. On a 7-9, inflict 1 extra harm. On a miss, you leave yourself open and vulnerable as well as failing to hurt it more.
Two Basic Moves as Advanced: Kick Some Ass and Manipulate Someone.

Signature Weapon: variety of small timed and triggered explosives (3-harm far messy loud)
Small DIY Flame Thrower
Remote control quadcopter: with camera and bomb delivery options
Practical Weapon 1: Police issue Glock 22 .40 caliber pistol (2-harm close loud)
Practical Weapon 2: Police issue Remington 870 shotgun (3-harm close messy)
Tactical Body Armor: vest (1-armor heavy)
Night Vision Goggles
Gift Bag from Kate: 10 juju bags (garlic, basil, yarrow, salt iron nails); Blessed Virgin Mary medallion; bit of the host (left in sunlight 3 days and blessed)



Leveling Up:
Leveled: 9 times
Current Experience: X O O O O

X Get +1 Tough, max +3
O Get +1 Cool, max +3
X Get +1 Sharp, max +3
O Get +1 Weird, max +3
X Take another Wronged move
X Take another Wronged move
X Gain a haven, like the Expert has, with two options (Panel van: Workshop, Infirmary
X Add one more option to your haven
X Take a move from another playbook
X Take a move from another playbook

Advanced Improvements
X Mark two of the basic moves as advanced.
- Kick Some Ass
- Manipulate Someone

Mad Stan’s idealistic world view only acknowledges four types of people in the world. You may be a monster, a part of the corrupt system that protects them, a victim/potential victim, or fellow crusader in the fight to bring down the system.

The Luchadore (El Toro Fuerte): El Toro helped at a critical point in Stan’s quest for revenge. Although Stan usually doesn’t trust anyone, he couldn’t break through the protective screen the Man had put in between him and the nest of monsters he was pursuing. El Toro Fuerte and Stan banded together to bust through the human shield to reach the monsters. Although Stan never really trusts anyone, he will always remember that El Toro had his back when he needed it. He knows he can count on him in a fight.

The Expert (Kate): Kate has earned Stan’s respect through her hard-won knowledge. There are too many types of monsters out there. When Stan needs some intel on how to find them, he knows he can go to the Expert for advice. Even loners like Stan sometimes need a friendly place to go, and Kate’s place is a refuge. Stan doesn’t know Kate used to work for the rich and powerful elite as a monster hunter. If he did, he might be less inclined to trust her.

The Hex (I.V. Yount): Early in Stan’s paranormal career, I.V. witnessed him absolutely lose it and go berserk. (Details are a Player Secret shared with Karmakaze.)
Note: A suggestion to Karmakaze is that I.V.‘s history with Stan is that he encourages her to indulge her temptation. Of all the hunters Stan has met, I.V. is the one Stan feels is as driven as himself. He is suspicious of everyone, but recognizes that a person who is fanatically driven is one who’s motivations can be understood and therefore trusted.

The Flake (Lilly): Lilly was grandmother to to Stan's niece and nephew.

The Professional (Baxter): Stan saved Baxter’s life, back when he was a pathetic newbie hunter.

The Spooky (Daniel): Daniel stood between Stan and what he needed to find out. Stan has known Daniel for some time. Since his power manifested, he keeps his distance.
As a young man, Stan enlisted with the U.S. Army, where he eventually served as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist. He saw duty in the Middle East and Europe, where his cool demeanor helped with the high stress situation of disposing of dangerous Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). However, after ten years of this duty his nerves were shot, and he mustered out when his tour ended.

On returning to the U.S., he drifted aimlessly for a while, dealing with feelings of isolation from friends and family. Eventually, he returned his home town of Baltimore where his sister and her family lived. Being around his niece and nephew helped ground him; he spent much time with them while his sister and her husband worked.

Finally feeling more himself, he developed a feeling of civic duty. He applied to the Baltimore City Police, where his military experience landed him a position in their bomb squad.
Now in his mid-thirties, Stan’s department had become very busy. Violent crimes had risen dramatically in Baltimore, and much of it was youth and gang related. A series of explosions were judged to be caused by rival gangs setting up bombs at each other’s hang outs. Stan was often called in to help detectives investigate. That’s when he began to see a disturbing pattern.

Unlike he would have expected to see if different gangs were improvising explosives, each incident Stan helped investigate showed commonalities of technique and materials that didn’t line up with the official explanations for these bombings. The more he mentioned this, the more he was silenced by the case’s detectives and his squad’s captain. Stan slowly began to suspect something else was going on here, and there was a cover-up.

That’s when it happened. Stan heard a call over the dispatch radio at the site of a youth center Stan was familiar with, a place where his niece and nephew, now in high school, both spent time after school. Stan rushed to the scene. Usually, he didn’t arrive at a crime scene until after it had been cleared by medical and forensics teams. Concerned for his family, he rushed in and saw what had really happened. The remains of a monstrous slaughter were everywhere. The bodies of kids were strewn about the place, painting a horrific scene.

A heavily armed SWAT team was recovering from a battle and re-positioning bodies about the room. In the center of it, he saw his own squad captain, apparently setting an explosive device.

“What the hell is going on here, Captain?”, he shouted as he rushed in.

“Oh, crap. Stan, wait!” Heads turned as Stan and his commanding officer stood toe to toe.

“Your setting these explosions? It was you all the time?”

“You don’t understand, Stan. There’s more going on here that I can tell you. It’s-”

“All those kids… dead. Why?” Stan began to cast about, scanning to make sure his sister’s children were not among the dead.

“Listen Stan, you’re not cleared for this yet. You shouldn’t be here. What a mess. The Mayor’s going to need to see you.”

“The FUCKIN’ Mayor? How far up does this bullshit go? I can’t believe this!”

“Stan, Stan, listen. There’s an explanation. There really is, but it’s hard to accept. This slaughter was caused by a monster. Seriously, a real-life, honest to God monster. I’d never have believed it, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes… and we’re not the only city dealing with shit like this.” Stan stared at his captain, trying to reconcile what he was hearing and seeing with what he thought was real.

“The thing is, Stan. People aren’t ready to know about the stuff I’ve seen, that you see here. They want… they need answers that fit with their world view. That’s how I got involved. We needed a way to cover this up. Something that would destroy evidence of what’s really going on, and provide a believable story. So… so we blow up the attack sites.”

“I don’t want to hear about…” Then Stan saw the two bodies as the SWAT team uncovered them. His nephew James died trying to shield his younger sister Kate. It hadn’t helped. Their bodies were ripped to shreds.

“Get away from them! Leave them alone!” Stan began running over to where two SWAT members were working on the bodies. Behind Stan’s back, his captain sighed heavily and nodded to the lieutenant in charge to the tactical team. Stan never saw the butt of the assault rifle as it whacked the back of his head, knocking him out.

In the hospital, they tried to reason with him. Reason was lost. These men and women who he had trusted had betrayed him, betrayed the people they were supposed to protect. They were covering for monsters who targeted young victims. They had become a system complicit with the horrors of society. The conspiracy went so far up, all the way to the top. There was only one sane solution. He had to blow it all up.
Stan has a 14 foot long Ford Spartan Cargo Van that he has outfitted inside to be his mobile Workshop and Infirmary (Haven options). He chose a common style van to be inconspicuous, and often alters the external color and appearance to fit different cover identities (package delivery, moving van, baker’s van, contractor’s van, ice cream truck, etc.).

The van’s cargo area measures over 14 ft. long by nearly 8 ft. wide, and 6 1/2 ft high. It is a low-step style van, with 18 in. rear bumper height.

Stan installed a sink, chemical toilet, lab safety equipment as well as a small dual burner camp stove, mini fridge and microwave oven. He can live in the van and has a sleeping pallet in the extended area above the cab. Stan sleeps there most nights.

Double doors at the rear swing outward. There is a removable exterior ladder to the right of the rear doors. There is another exterior door at the front-right of the cargo area, and a pass-through door from the cab to the cargo bay.

Workshop: Stan’s mobile workshop provides him a space for building and repairing his explosive devices and other gadgets. The workshop includes custom installed cabinets with all the materials and tools Stan needs to work his trade. If needed the cabinets can be dismounted from rails on the walls of the van to be stored elsewhere. Stan designed elaborate looking locks on the cabinets that actually do nothing. The cabinets are opened with a concealed latch requiring a magnetic key.

Details on how long any repair or construction is likely to take, and if any extra supplies or help are needed for any particular project will be worked out with the Keeper.

Infirmary: Stan can heal himself and other people here. He has space for two people to recuperate if he includes his sleep pallet and a fold-down stretcher.

Armory: If you need a special weapon, roll +Weird. On +10 you have it in plenty. On 7-9 you have it in minimum quantity. On a miss, you have the wrong thing.

The Keeper will indicate how long a patient’s recovery is likely to take, and if extra supplies or help are needed.