Kevros Ferroseeder

User: Dylan
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Wizard/2
Kevros never payed much attention to anything, always jumping from one thought to the next. He's smart, but rambles and jumps from one thought to the next rather quickly. Other's see him as borderline insane, and perhaps he is. He's always wearing a robe, with plenty of pockets full of spell components, dead bugs, dirt, and other various strange things. He seems to have been magically aged, probably from some magical experiment going wrong.
Kevros Ferroseeder hails from the far off underground city of Fliktor. Kevros was a lazy child, spending his youth playing with bugs and dirt. His parents didn't approve of all of his lollygagging and sent him away to a school of magic, where he excelled in conjuration, mostly summoning bugs and dirt, to the misfortune of his parents. He later left to explore the world, find new exciting creatures, hopefully bugs, and spells.