The Journal of I.V. Yount, Ph.D.

Campaign: Monster of the Week

Season 1, Episode 7- "Flight"
Concerned about the advent of the Wild Hunt, IV goes to the secret mystical section of the NYC Public Library. There, she discovers the secret to being able to being allowed to check out books, which is to tell the librarians that you've been targeted by the Wild Hunt. This is also the secret to being given the bum's rush. She returns to Kate's and begins to work on her Hiding Cloak. She offers one of the library books to Kate as a peace offering.

Mad Stan is interested in re-arming himself, and gets El Toro to call up his fan Father Hernandez to bless a lot of armament and some water. Baxter reports in to THETA, although he has somewhat edited his report. In the course of securing the area around Kate's, they discover that a new storefront is opening across the street - "A Touch of Jazz" owned by Dr. Janice Stone (husband, Charles). Kate, in the course of securing her space, discovers that Stan has left at least one camera in her apartment.

IV, worried about collateral damage, finds an isolated cabin in Vermont and heads up there without the others, riding a motorcycle Stan provided. The others try to track her down without much success, as her Hiding Cloak turns out to work quite well, actually. They get the idea of tracking the Wild Hunt's movements instead, which gives them a good enough target to head towards Vermont, in Stan's Van, El Toro's Mastretta MXT, and a rental Ford Fiesta . The find the off-season cabin cluster surrounded by wolves and (to mystic senses) a wall of warding fire:

Stan sneaks around the perimeter, dropping explosives like rabbits drop pellets. Baxter, El Toro, and Kate come to the front door, which is wise, as the back door is booby trapped with Chekhov's frying pan. Shortly thereafter, Huron's wolf-men attack the cabin.

El Toro gets a bit mauled, Stan's explosives do for several wolves and a porch, Baxter hauls out his second sight and gets blinded by a magic lightning bolt IV calls down. As things look bas for both wolfmen and heroes, IV tosses off the cloak to help El Toro.

Over the Horizon, Hern strides forward. Kate burns a feather to call forth the Morrigan. The mortals prepare to dash for the cars and flee...
Session: Season 1, Episode 7 - Saturday, Apr 26 2014 from 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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