"By the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon, when the Raven Queen calls my blade will obey."
User: Scott
Race: Githzerai
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Raven Claw/18
Darien Dirkath has a skin colour closer to green than the yellow typical of Githzerai. His unnerving orange eyes are set at extreme angles, he lacks any real nose (by human standards) and his ears feature exagerated points unlike any elf. He is bald but sports a single braid on his sharp chin. He has an intricately designed tattoo running from one side of his head down under his armour, with other tattoos noticeable on his hands and wrists. Despite being thicker and stockier than most Githzerai, middle worlders still consider him gaunt and his face skeletal.

Darien is dressed for war. His tall frame is draped with dark, finely crafted leather armour. He carries a shortsword on his hip and two wicked-looking swords on his back, a bandolier across his chest, a shortbow on his shoulder, two quivers and several daggers about his body. His weaponry is hidden for the most part beneath a thick, black cloak with which he easily blends into the shadows. Darien proudly displays a large raven insignia, intricately woven in to the back of his cloak, as a symbol of his devotion to the Raven Queen.
Darien was born in Zerthadlun, the great Githzerai city -- a refuge of peace and order in the Elemental Chaos. He grew up among a monastic community that adhered to the teachings of Zerthimon, Zuoken and other great mystics. In his youth he became devoutly dedicated to the Raven Queen, while continuing his devotion to the Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon and his service to the Githzerai civilization. Although Darien did not display the psionic talents common in Githzerai monks, he discovered a great talent for stealth and combat. As with many githzerai soldiers, Darien spent time as a rrathmal, hunting githyanki, mindflayers and other threats across the planes.

During his adventures in the Created World, Darien developed a keen interest in nature and wilderness and a new perspective on life and death. He rededicated himself to the Queen of the Shadowfell, proving himself a valuable asset and a powerful soldier; he was eventually recruited as an agent of the Raven Queen. Darien now carries out dangerous and secretive missions to investigate and infiltrate threats to the Raven Queen from Orcus and other pretenders, punishing those who would attempt to cheat life and death or deny the Raven Queen her rightful domain.