Yi Guei

"The Oath of a Ranger transcends even Death"
User: Horuke
Campaign: Far West
Race: Jiangshi Ranger
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Jianghu Rank/1
Pale and gaunt with wispy white hair. A subtle aura of menace. Smell of brimstone and the chill of the grave follow wherever he goes. A silver ranger star with a bullet hole through it pinned over his heart.
No Falsehood shall pass my lips; For my Heart is True.
No Injustice shall pass my sight; For my Aim is True.
The Wicked shall meet my Wrath; For I Ride
And Justice rides with me.

In life I was a destitute orphan stealing to survive until I met a ranger. Spending years riding the western range, with my master, learning the way of 8 directions bringing justice in our wake. Bandits and corrupt officials alike fell before our wrath. The 8 directions were our shield and my sword. In time I became a master and with the silver star a true Ranger. Years passed and I followed my Oath and the Ranger Code.

Five years ago I was gunned down trying to bring the Sì Shòu to justice. Not in an honorable duel, but shot in the back by the sniper Zhuquè while apprehending Xuánwu. My body was dumped in a shallow grave along with my horse.

After five years in Diyu; climbing knife mountain, enduring the blue lotus and the burning blood, my sins were cleansed. My corpse still desecrated and spirit restless and vengeful, I refused reincarnation.

I beseeched Kwanon, Goddess of Mercy to grant me leave to fulfill the oath I swore long ago.

My soul released from Diyu without the broth of forgetting, drawn to the body I once lived in tearing through the shallow earth, my horse raising to serve me one last time, my revolvers fused with the freezing cold and burning fire of the hells I walked, a crow landed on my shoulder an envoy of Daheitian to guide me along this new dharma.

Back in the middle kingdom my quarry have become strong, amassing a criminal empire, each one overseeing a quarter.

I am undaunted, I will have my vengeance, the wicked will fall before my wrath. The oath I swore in my first life will carry me through as it carried me through the hells. I Ride And Justice rides with me.
Refresh: 1 FP: 4

High Concept: The Oath of a Ranger transcends even Death
Trouble: Sustained by Vengeance
  • Others
  • I Ride a Pale Horse
  • Daheitian guides my Way
  • Twin Mounting Thunders (Hellfire & Hellfrost guns of Diyu)
  • Devil Tiger King
  • Lightning Snake
Great(+4) Combat
Good (+3) Will, Spirit
Fair (+2) Physique, Investigate, Ride
Average (+1) Empathy, Notice, Deceive, Provoke

Twin Mounting Thunders(Hellfire & Hellfrost guns of Diyu): Add +2 Weapon rating to attacks made with Twin Mounting Thunders
Eight Compass Way: Shoot can be used to defend against Shoot attacks

Lightning Strikes Without Pause: Gain a +2 bonus to Notice (or other skill) used when determining turn order.
Snake Strikes First: Use Shoot to determine turn order instead of Notice in combat. Apply a +2 bonus instead if both Notice and the selected Skill are the same rank or Notice is greater.
Devil Strikes the Soul: Ignore 1 point of Armor when making Fight attacks and add +1 Weapon Rating to any Fight attack against opponents with a lower Chi skill than the attacker.
Devil Haunts the Shadow: You may use Spirit instead of Stealth to create an advantage based on moving silently or remaining unseen. Apply a +2 bonus instead if both Chi and the selected Stealth are the same rank or Stealth is greater.
*Tiger King Rends the Flesh: When you tie on an attack using Fight for defense you can inflict 2 stress instead of taking a boost
Snake Bites the Hand: If you gain shifts on a defense, you can sacrifice your action next turn to immediately inflict an attack on your opponent using the shift value of your defense as yoru attack result.
Snake Strikes Twice:+2 bonus to Deceive rolls to create an advantage based on disorientation, distraction, or unbalancing against opponents you have already inflicted stress on this combat.

Initiative Physical: +6, Social: +1








-2 Mild
-4 Moderate
-6 Severe
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