Lazarus Red

"Life is only the absence of direction"
User: Billy
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class: Goth Occult Researcher
I hail from the Hollow Ones tradition.
My mind is the greatest weapon I have against any threat.
I can speak to a varied collection of people using my vast knowledge of the worlds languages.
I take comfort in my extensive collection of books and my time on stage.
My I.Q. puts be above most in this world.
Technology is a plague upon learning and the world is eventually going to fade into nothingness.
I grew up in a normal enough family. Both my parents were "normal" people and they tried to raise me as one of them. But I knew that nothing they ever did would change who I really was. I drove them crazy wearing my goth gear,sneaking out to play guitar at the local bar, and reading all the weird occult stuff I did. I ran away from home after they tried to send me to reform school. I made my own way through college and even though the classes were a breeze I still felt under stimulated. After school was complete that is when the even happened that changed my life forever. That event was the Awakening....
I typically wear my hair either short and spiky or long and strait. I almost always wear black clothing and adorn myself in black makeup and Goth accessories. I really like to wear Victorian style clothing. I love to learn new languages and study the occult. I don't give a damn about much of anything beyond this. To hell with what people think they can all burn in this pathetic excuse of a society.