Maria Altross

User: Senia
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class/Level: Wizard/6
Maria Altross is a 22 year old ex-Ragus mage, one of the few wizards bound to neither the Arch Mages or the police. She is currently considered an outlaw and a terrorist, traveling with Dirk Kei, Garyg Grunwald, and a second dwarf whose name doesn't matter.

Maria is of average height with ragged brown hair and light blue eyes. Of late she's been eating less and traveling through the wilderness, her build reflecting that. She wears a tattered Ragus Mage uniform over a mixture of an old prisoners uniform and furs.
Maria was born and raised in the human city of Halburg. Her parents are Solomon and Melody Altross. She has an older brother named Simon, age 26.

Her father is 46 years old, her mother is 45. Solomon works in a fire arms factory and has since he was 15. He is hardworking man and instilled Maria with many of the beliefs she once held. Her mother Melody is a seamstress, making uniforms for the Ragus. She is a practical and headstrong woman. The two of them met through a shared acquaintance, and married soon after. The two are still in love and enjoy playfully bickering with each other on a regular basis.

Simon, like his father, works in a local factory. He doesn't have high goals for himself, but until recently had high faith in his sister. In his spare time he enjoys gambling and backgammon.

Maria had a normal childhood for human society. She attended school, and worked with her mother once she was slightly older. Maria had no talent for sewing, so she mostly folded uniforms.

Maria's close friend and fellow folder Talia often told stories of her father's time as a merchant. He transported goods to several halfling camps, and made his business out to be much more dangerous than it was. At the time, this was Maria's main source of information on halflings and the occasional wild human raid.

As for her exposure to magic, Maria would occasionally bring her brother and father lunch. During these occasions her father noticed that Maria had an aptitude for understanding the way machinery functioned. Under her father's advice, Maria applied to join the Halburg Ragus Academy at 17.

In order to join she had to pass an exam as well as a physical test, her brother and father training her for these. Simon taught her everything he knew about engineering and her father taught her how to shoot a blunderbuss. Maria passed the tests with in the average range and her training began.

Ragus Mage training does not actually concern any magic until the last two years of the Academy. The first two years are spent making sure that cadets are loyal and have what it takes before entrusting them with arcane knowledge.

The first year is spent in a mix of studying the laws and so called "history" of the area along with basic martial training. During the second year, cadets are taught to use fire arms and are taught the preliminary concepts of magic, but not anything they could actually use. At the end of the year, students take an exam and physical testing their intelligence, loyalty, and magical aptitude. Those who are deemed fit continue on to spend the next two years learning magic, and relevant knowledge.

The cadets are broken up into to different academic specialties, the divisions being: law and history, technology and firearms, and battle tactics. Each group learns about the other specialties briefly, but much more detail is given to their subject area.

Maria graduated from the division of Technology and Firearms. She then joined a patrol unit whose commander had recently been promoted and was in need of a second mage.

Maria's unit contained herself, two fighters (Marcus Bindle and Aliya Stone), and the other mage/commanding officer Isaiah Hagan.

Maria was kicked off the Ragus for committing treason, as while as conspiring with a terrorist. Ebon Dane bought her badge while she was drunk. She has no memory of this, but was shown to do so using an arcane device during her trial.

She and Ebon Dane were then arrested. Ebon plead guilty to causing a riot, Maria plead innocent. During their transport to a prison they broke out and met up with the rest of the original party.

From there Maria, Kei, a conspiracy theorist with a changing name, Torploaf, Morn, a crazy oldwoman, and nine dwarves headed across the plain. She initially traveled with the group out of desperation and was constantly planning her escape.

Though Ebon Dane showed her Dwarven labor camp she was not actually won over until Morn suggested that she look at the stars.

Under Ebon Dane's advice the group began traveling towards the elf lands to return the dwarves to one of their cities. This did not go as planned and lead to the death of Morn, 7 dwarves, and Torploaf.

Kei, Maria, and the Grunwald brothers began traveling back to the Kei's halfling town, taking the only route they did not think to be patrolled. During this time the four of them became incredibly close, Kei bonding the group. Maria acquired a giant spider egg and bound it to her as a familiar. With this she was able to destroy the badge she carried, thus finalizing her separation from the Ragus.

In the time since then she has been living in the wilderness with Kei, Whisper, and the two dwarves. She has been studying the magical bond between her and whisper as well as the magical phenomena around her. She has found herself unsure of the nature of the world and what she can believe. The people and system she once trusted is now obviously corrupt. The natural world holds a beauty she previously could not appreciate. She had always been told that the outside world was savage and disorderly.

But this world had it's own rule unlike those of Halburg. The sun rose and set, they killed and foraged to eat, they moved quietly and carefully. With this in mind she began to form new ideas.
Maria has a lot on her mind right now. Her main plan is to investigate just exactly what the Arch Mages and the Ragus are doing. She senses that something is amiss, but the only evidence she has is second hand.

As for her arcane studies, Maria has set her goals high. Maria intends to find a way to build firearms without ore. However, she doesn't even have her own spell book yet.

Of late the questions that are the most important are:

How do we redefine law to protect everyone?
What are the rules of magic? How can it be manipulated separate of the ways she knows?
What true goals do the Arch Mages and the Ragus have? Why are guns and human expansion necessary?