Dr. Zalano

"Pick a card, any card."
User: John
Campaign: The Outer Realms
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Thief/1
Dr. Zalano fancies himself a Prestigitator, often using magic tricks and slight of hand to keep his victims distracted while he palms their coins or slips a dirk precisely between their ribs. The Doctor has a far away, dark skinned exotic look to him. Sporting a red turban, a waxed mustache and beard, he adores his immaculate elegant suit. But in a puff a smoke, he has reversed his vestments, tousled his hair and become Johan Thorsten of the North, a deadly ruffian, with a stained cloak and an iron forged blade, ready to fight or to slip silently into the shadows.
But of course, the Doctor worships Furina, the Goddess of thieves, unlawful gain and trickery.