Elasha Winterflower

"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it."
User: Carl
Campaign: The Outer Realms
Race: Wild Elf (Grugach)
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Fighter/Magic User/6/6
Elasha has penetrating blue eyes, porcelain white skin, and jet black hair, usually worn loose and wild or held back with a simple filet of leather. Her body, lithe and muscular like a gymnast's, seems to vibrate with some unnamed potential energy even when at rest. Her arms, thin yet supple, are tattooed from fingertip to shoulder with intricate, spiraling runes and sigils of arcane power, which she proudly displays unless discretion forbids it. Dangling on a leather thong between her pert breasts is a basilisk's tooth, a trophy from an earlier harrowing adventure. Elasha does not speak much and often regards non elves with an enigmatic look in her eyes and the faintest of smirks playing about her heart shaped mouth.

Now that winter has arrived, she wears a heavy, hooded cloak of bearskin, worn slightly off set to free her good arm. Beneath the cloak she sports a finely crafted suit of light plate mail, snug fitting buckskin leggings, and thigh-high, fur-lined boots of supple doe skin into the top of each is tucked a bone handled hunting knife. When traveling, she slings Life Drinker, her sword, and long bow on her back, while her enchanted battle axe, "Little Sister," rides ever-ready at her hip. A firm believer that one can never be too armed and ready, Elasha also carries a fine spear of forest ash with a leaf shaped head.

Tucked into her belt opposite her axe sits a double edged, black-hilted athame, or wizard's dagger, never used in combat but only for the carving of ritualistic runes and sigils, or the making of sacrifices. She is, of course, never without a skin of wine, a satchel bursting with spell components and various eldritch curiosities, and her precious magical tattooing bundle, carefully wrapped in oil cloth and hidden in the bottom of her pack.

Elasha hails from the forest of Ardred. She once belonged to the Hoar Fox Clan, a semi-nomadic tribe of grugach elves who called the perilous forest home until they were decimated by their enemies. Elasha, the only survivor, turned her back on her past at the tender age of eighty and journeyed to the human lands where she has been living for the last five decades on the fringes of the human communities along the western shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Her past experiences and her interactions with humans have left her cynical and she lacks the optimistic world view common to most of her race. She views the world as a cold, unforgiving place in which one must take what they can before it is taken from you.

As an elf surrounded by short-lived and often simplistic humans, she is prone to chronic ennui and has sought out a life of adventure as a means of adding spice to the long centuries that stretch before her. A bit of a sensual hedonist, she values material wealth only to the extent that it can provide access to new and exotic experiences. Elasha thus sees adventuring as an opportunity for excitement, danger, and new surprises; the pursuit of gold is fine with her as means of obtaining more of life's pleasures, but it is not her primary motivation. Prone to arrogance, she has a tendency to put her own enjoyment and interests first, often placing the needs of the short lived races behind her own. Despite this, she can be loyal to those she trusts, but her trust is not given easily.

Though a sensualist at heart, Elasha has a brilliant mind and a great intellectual curiosity, particularly concerning arcane knowledge. She thus pursues magical lore and the secrets of dweomercrafting with great alacrity.
15% XP bonus

She is 138 years old and remembers the last winter
She stands 5’ 3” tall and weighs 80 pounds

She has a great fondness for chess


Elasha's Sword:

Her sword, "Life Drinker" is two handed with a curved blade, similar in shape to a Chinese Bagua sword. It resembles that depicted in the image below except that it it has two serrated sections on the back edge of the blade, one just above the hilt and the other just below the backward curving portion. It also has a large ruby set in its pommel. Life Drinker's blade is of bluish-back steel, three feet in length, and covered with intricate runes etched along its surface. She won the blade by defeating the Bugbear chieftain Enkaidu the Flayer in mortal combat.

Elasha's Axe:

Her axe, nicknamed "Little Sister," is ensorcelled with powerful magics. Norse style with a haft of white oak, it has single blade with an elongated "hook" or beard at its lower end to extend the cutting surface and snag an opponents shield, leg, or groin. Ancient runes of power spiral over the its surface, etched there by some long dead, long forgotten hand.


Elasha wears masterwork armor of lightweight yet exceptionally strong plate. It fits close to the body and is not as bulky as conventional plate mail. The cuirass, for instance, is molded and contoured to her body and actually constructed of three overlapping plates rather than a single one to facilitate movement. See sketch below for a general, if not exact, sense of how it appears.