Oswin the Far Seer

"The future must be met, however stern and iron it be."
User: Andy
Campaign: The Outer Realms
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Cleric of Woden/6th
Oswin’s armor and clothing indicate the wealthy circles that he once served, but their state are reminders of the fall he has suffered. His rich purple wool cloak is thick and obviously expensive, but it is travel-stained and hastily patched, the gold thread carefully plucked free weeks ago to pay for food, ale, and lodging. His plain black plate armor hides it’s dents and road dust well, but his shield is in poor repair. Its enarmes are sweat stained and scratched and the large stylized eye on the front—centered so that the shield boss forms it’s pupil—looks so worn that the words surrounding it—FAR above it and SEER below—are barely visible.

His raven-black hair has grown shaggy on his journey north, giving Oswin the perpetual look of a sleeper only recently roused from bed. However, he has managed to keep his face clean-shaven despite the deprivations of rough travel. He does it as a way to maintain a tie to his father who never had a beard, even though the cleric hasn’t seen him since the day he left Oswin with the Brothers of Woden as a form of tithe to the church. The straight razor and strop Oswin’s father gave him that day is the only object he retains from his previous life.
Oswin Wodenson, Oswin the Poet, and Oswin the Healer are all names he has used, but he prefers to call himself Oswin the Far Seer. He feels it adds flair and mystery which only enhances people’s excitement over his readings of signs and portents.

He was born to a merchant family in Vinovia, on the border between Armorica and Wealas. At the age of ten, Oswin was tithed to the Order of Woden who raised him to be a faithful cleric of the god of poetry, sorcery, healing, and seers. Eventually he was placed in the court of a minor noble where the self-aggrandizing aristocrats loved his ability to craft readings of the future for them that reinforced their feelings of significance and value.

However, due to a falling out that he doesn’t talk openly about, Oswin finds himself on the road heading north, hoping that his shield, armor, and skill with healing craft will be enough to provide a return to the life of relative ease he’d gotten used to at court. If that should prove insufficient, surely peasants, craftsmen, and merchants would part with a coin or two to hear the Far Seer tell them how the signs promise their own success while indicating the utter destruction of their enemies.
Oswin is 29 years old, 6'2" tall, and weighs 205 pounds.

Bonus XP: 10%

Languages: Elven, High Elerian, Reptilian