Barlow Stoneslasher

"One keg ain't enough!"
User: Christopher
Race: Dwarven
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Fighter and part time Stone-smith/14
Well worn plate-mail protects the stout dwarf. He is an average height for his kind and sports a white mane and beard of agreeable length. Normally wearing a great-helm, his piercing grayish-blue eyes peer from within. Oversized calloused hands are gripped tightly around the pommel of a slightly oversized bastard-sword of ancient human design, but if both hands aren't wielding his sword, you can be sure the other hand is holding a pitcher of the god's greatest gift... Ale!
The Second son to Killington and Magrette Stoneslasher, Barlow followed his clans namesake and became a stone-smith. He became the Eldest male heir of his name when Killington and his Killington's First-son were killed in the Catastrophe of '903. Working for years hewing the great quarries within the Dwarven mountains, the quality of the stone began to dwindle. With poor quality of stone, more and more quarrymen left the quarry to work in the mines or iron smithies, but Barlow heard of an opportunity to work for Men. Packing up his belongings he traveled to the gates and the open air.
"By Grandad's Immortal Beard"

Much of Barlow's story begins with Baxter Stoneslasher, Barlow's Grandfather. He was not a stone-smith like most of the Stoneslasher Clan and instead served as a Royal Guard of the Hearth. A prestigious group assigned to the interior depths of the dwarven city within the mountain. Protecting the city from underground threats such as goblins, cave trolls and worst of all, Drow and their evil ilk. Baxter's stories resonated in Barlow and he saw in his grandson a fighting spirit that rivaled his own. He taught the lad a few of his fighting maneuvers and on his deathbed bestowed his armor and sword to him. "They aren't just ordinary," he said with his dying breath. "Treat them well, and they'll keep ye alive."