Yara Et Bel

User: mage78
Race: Zamorian
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Thief/3
Magdala, Mother – A wealthy craftswoman of Zamora who died in a skirmish against Kothian invaders.
Pesha, Father – A wealthy craftsman of Zamora who was kidnapped and sacrificed to an unknown god by a secretive cult.

Yara has 1 living sibling, a younger brother named Gunari. As an infant, Gunari fell from a height and broke his leg. This resulted in a permanent and prominent limp. He very much loves his brother, as he is all the family he has.

Yara was once accused of rape, but there was no proof that he did it.
He once rescued another thief he was working with from prison in Shadizar. The man, Randal, still works in Shadizar and is a useful contact.
He was once accused of betraying a person he had a contract with, but there was no proof.
He once had a wonderful love affair that ended in death when his beloved was killed by an assassin.