Helene Reiniger

User: Gretchen
Campaign: Interesting Times
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Celestial (Empyreal) Sorcerer/2
She seems quite ordinary and even frail until she smiles, lambent with quick joy, and in strong sunlight her clear brown eyes can brighten almost to topaz. Her skin is liberally spattered with reddish brown freckles; she normally wears her red-gold curls clubbed back or braided. When not dressed for militia training she is most often found in work clothes, well-mended but inevitably singed, and she's often lacking some of her eyelashes and eyebrows.
Helene grew up in a big family with deep roots; there have been Reinigers in Wildbend since a few generations after its founding. It's only "recently", when her great-grandfather married a traveling bookbinder, that the family became artisans, and since then it's grown in wealth, supported by the caravan trade.

Conscientious and diligent, she seemed likely to follow in the family footsteps, or at least get apprenticed in some other trade, but around the right age for that she had some sort of flap with the priest of Semkirk. It's unclear to outsiders what happened, but girl-Helene responded by becoming what was, for her, fairly wild: she went to hang out at the smithy all the time and strictly avoided the priest for a while, and once or twice was even rude to him in public. It's all blown over by now and the new priest seems friendly enough with her; kids do go through phases.

The interest in the smithy stuck, though; she wanted to be a smith despite her physical inadequacy, and hung around doing odd jobs and errands until he finally started showing her what to do. Then a new smith moved in, a devotee of Tolomos who did fancier work than horseshoes and sword blanks, and she blossomed under his tutelage, turning to jewelry-making and detail work. Her family was disappointed not to have her deft hands in their employ, and she received no end of ribbing for being the bookbinder's daughter who chose instead to work with fire, but they were happy that she'd found a good trade.

They had known all along that she was a little uncanny, with a childhood "invisible friend" that persisted long past the age when most children forget them, but it never went beyond that until there was an accident at the forge; she was able to keep the apprentice alive until the healers came. After that, she started manifesting other abilities: an aptitude with fire and an ability to create light. She started getting lessons from the new priest of Semkirk, and joined the town militia, earnestly training and developing her control. Already her magic has proven useful in defense of the town, and judging by how hard she works at her training she seems dedicated to the cause.