"Life is crazy and you've gotta roll with the punches... and in the dirt."
User: Zynth
Race: Forest Gnome
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Druid/5
Frug is a short fellow. During long periods of time in the sun his hair turns a copper color, but normally is a light brown. When braided, his hair lets show a pair of light green eyes.

His clothes are worn and rugged, with patches sewn on to close up a few holes. Leather armor covers his body. He walks with a staff, adorned with the symbol of The Watcher. On his back are a shield and scimitar. Dangling from his neck, are a lucky boar tusk and a Dejy Totem carved from an ash tree.
The Forest Gnomes of Kalamar are not what one might expect. While some call them vain, they see only cleanliness and an exceptional level of self awareness. Ironically, for living in a forest, the outside world is kept as far away from the interior of their homes. The unkempt nature of the world ends at the door. “Homes are tidy, Gnomes are primp and both shall appear proper!” Frug's mother would tell him.

Forest Gnomes stand tall above other gnomes. Not Frug, he was the odd man out. Paid less attention, a disdain for the traditions began to bud. There are many cycles in nature, Frug's was a peculiar one. Overlooked, he found himself sneaking out during lessons. Sprucing up took on a different meaning, though he hardly was able to climb up any tree let alone a spruce. Finally, he decided to dedicate himself to the outdoors. After all, they were “Forest Gnomes” he thought.

The forest had more than he bargained for. Frug's first day he quickly became disoriented, but necessity is indeed the mother of invention. A cave became his home. A sharpened stick his weapon. Fire, came easy, to his surprise. Cold, wet and nothing to eat, Frug sat in the cave shivering, dreaming of a nice fire. His attempts to start a fire went poorly, “If only they hadn't ignored me! I wish this fire would light itself!” The warmth caught Frug's attention first. His head had been stuck between his arms and legs.

Pride returned to Frug, along with feeling in his limbs. Hunger still ate at him. The many insects that once called the cave home, were already gone. He knew there was a rabbit in these parts, but... Frug spotted a set of eyes coming towards the cave entrance. He readied his 'spear'. More eyes appeared, smaller ones. A pack of wolves had found the cave, a refuge from the rain. They entered, unfazed by the fire. Frug was at that moment, as the wolves were, simply trying to survive. He lowered his spear and began to befriend the wolves, he hoped *gulp*. Frug's playful nature helped him bond with the cubs. He learned to adapt the wolves instinct and knowledge of the forest.

Time passed, the wolf pack disbanded and Frug moved on. He encountered a nomadic tribe of Dejy, who took the 'child' in. Frug didn't know his age, but he also didn't like being called a child. There was some familiarity to the Dejy. Ritual hunts, worship of The Bear and socializing. Frug quickly learned their language and put his own to use when trading. Of the few Gnome communities encountered, none knew Frug. The Dejy gave him the name Dust. Apart from enjoying an occasional dust bath, which he has mostly grown out of, he would run off for days before returning to the tribe. Dust in the wind, they would say.
Personality Traits:
Frug is driven by a wanderlust that led him away from his home and lifestyle.

Frug was, in fact, raised by wolves at one point.

Ideal: Change
Life is like the seasons, in constant change, and all must change with it.

Frug suffers awful visions of a coming disaster, piece by piece, and will do anything to prevent it.

There's no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest.

Origin: Tribal Nomad
Lived among a nomadic tribe of Dejy for lengthy period of time.