User: Babel
Race: Kalamaran
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Paladin/1
Kalamor looks less a Kalamaran noble and more a Fhokki warrior. He stands taller then a common Kalamaran, with unruly blonde hair only adding to the juxtaposition of his appearance. Kalamor has an old scar running from the middle of his forehead, across his eye and down his face. Deep blue eyes hold a look of loss and pain. Kalamor's appearance is always neat and his possessions well kept.

When not actively working, Kalamor is usually quiet and withdrawn. Although Kalamor is quite handsome, he projects an aura of unapproachability, further compounded by the two-thousand yard stare often found on his face. His statuesque demeanor gives him an air of mystery that makes him the popular object of affection, but one that is admired from afar. Some even claim that he never smiles or laughs.

When working, Kalamor quells his personal demons and moves with strength and surety of purpose. He prefers the direct approach to solve problems and dislikes lies and obfuscations. When possible, he will try to avoid violence, but once the lines are drawn he is unforgiving and unassailable in his pursuit.
Kalamor is the third son of a minor Kalamaran noble house. His mother and father were married for political reasons, and there was little love between them. Unlike his older siblings, Kalamor looks much less like a noble and much more like he has Fhokki blood. Fhokki blood that his father accuses came from one of his mothers retainers that came with her to Bet Kalamar.

After his mother became sick and passed away, Kalamor realized that as the third son of a minor house, and one that stood to possibly be disowned, his place was no longer in the home he grew up in. Taking a few possessions and his horse, Kalamor set off to find adventure and fame out in the world.

Not long after leaving the city proper, he came upon a flowery-robed woman traveling, by foot, the same way he was. Offering to let her ride till their paths diverged, Kalamar excitedly poured out his dreams and ambitions for the future to the quiet woman. Come sundown, Kalamor came to a large campground and was challenged by the young woman standing guard along the road. Instantly, Kalamor know this was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. As he turned to nervously introduce the woman riding behind him, he realized there was no one there.

Kalamor joined the mercenary group, and spent the next couple fighting seasons with them. He and Sirema had become an item during their years together and planned to leave after that year's campaign. Unfortunately, Sirema was killed during the storming of a Hobgoblin fort. Kalamor was nearly killed avenging her, and simply dropped his sword on the spot and walked away.

Temporarily blinded by his injuries and the shock of losing his love, Kalamor drifted town to town begging as a cripple. When his sight returned, he donned a blindfold, as he could not stand to see a world without Sirema in it. Sirema had lamented that if she died, she would want her family heirloom necklace returned to her family far to the north, but even though it was constantly on his mind, Kalamor could not bring himself to do anything more then exist.

This changed when time and time again, a woman, whose voice sounded strangely familiar, would loudly proclaim that he was not truly blind. This lead to unpleasant repercussions. No matter how far he roamed, this woman always hounded his steps.

Slowly, Kalamor found himself traveling further and further north-east. The journey was long and very hard, but still Kalamor refused to face the world. Alone on the road more often then not, Kalamor often found that he shared what little he had with flowery-smelling women, dusty old travelers and lonely coyotes.

Along the way he saved a stray dog from being beaten and tortured and ended up taking the abuse for the poor animal. Since then "Dog" has faithfully and silently followed Kalamor despite being told time and time again he would be better off staying in a town or on of of the farms they passed.

After years on the road, Kalamor finally tracked down the homestead of Sirema's family. Entering the home, Kalamor found only an old sounding woman. He told her of Sirema's life, their love, and finally of her death. Handing her the amulet Kalamor was shocked when she scolded him, "If your love for her only amounts to this, then this trinket is a millstone-curse and only serves to shame her memory!"

The sound of the amulet being thrown into the fire was unmistakable, and without even pausing to think, Kalamor opened his eyes and snatched the necklace from the fire. Not even feeling pain, Kalamor opened his palm to reveal, not the simple Fhokki pattern that he remembered, but a beautiful silver rose. Astonished, Kalamor turned to question the woman, but found himself alone in the apparently abandoned and dilapidated cabin.

Exiting the shack, Kalamor saw Dog quietly wagging his tail and waiting. Looking around Kalamor saw the world for the first time since Sirema's death. Not fully understanding why he had been guided so patiently by the Pure One for so long, he swore on the spot that he would be her agent in this world.

Perhaps, it is better to have loved and lost, then to have never have loved at all. Then again, perhaps, others wouldn't have to, if he had anything to say about it.
Personality Traits:
  • Kalamor is quiet and introverted to the point that many don't approach him.
  • On the other hand, when riled up Kalamor weilds righteous anger like others would a blade.
  • I want to create a world were lovers are not rent apart.
  • Simera's pendent reminds me that there is love left in this world and it needs protecting.
  • I can't live life. Do I deserve to be happy again?