Frey Normir

User: Adriaan
Gender: Male
Mother – Koran, a Vanir freewoman, killed in a war of succession
Father – Rikvald, a Vanir freeman, murdered by a stranger

Frey's family was exiled due to a greedy and lustful slut (the affair resulted in the murder of his father).

Frey has had 8 siblings (Frey being the youngest), most of which are dead. Ony three are alive:
- A sister named Aestrid, the oldest living member of the family, who has been disfigured by disease. She is neutral toward Frey.
- An older brother named Magnus who is alive and well and neutral toward Frey.
- An older brother named Hallbjorn who is alive an well and dislikes Frey because they once fought over a girl.

Life events:
- Had a love affair that ended when his beloved vanished (the girl which he fought with his brother over).
- Made a friend within the law. A guardsman in Belverus (Nemedia).
- Had a love affair with someone a social class below him.
- Was married to someone he loved (the aforementioned lady who disappeared).

Stays in contact with Magnus as life allows.