Mailaña Estrella Denítcierru

""Run when you can't fight. Talk if you can't run. Fight when talking doesn't work.""
User: Beauty
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Role: Other
Class: Diplomat
Mailaña Estrella Denítcierru, or Mai Dení, is a Registered Companion.

Aged 22, she's 5'7 and 155 lbs. She has a birthmark shaped like a wing on the back of her left hand.

Mai is toned, with some muscles, and slender but curvy in the right places, with an ample chest and buttocks. Her face resembles Angelina Jolie's, aside from the darker skin and blue-green eyes.

Her light eyelashes, while resembling her hair, are not as dark as the thigh-length tangle of curls only loosely reigned in when she puts it in the three braids (one down the back in the middle and two from underneath down each side of her chest) as she usually does.

Between her long eyelashes blackened with mascara standing out against the black eyeliner, her reddened lips, and bright but tastefully done eyeshadow, her facial features are accentuated to their fullest.
Mai is from Bellerophon, where she was raised in high society. But when the fightin' started, her parents fell on hard times (well, hard times for rich people), and they tried to sell her to a self-righteous brat named Harold (Atherton's younger brother, worse than him). As the date of the wedding grew closer and closer, she stashed more and more money from her allowances away, and when she was ready she left a note that she was leaving and took out one last withdrawal.

She didn't love Harold, and couldn't marry him, so refused to marry him and knew her parents would disown her (though they never told her because they didn't get the chance). Her parents, of course, kept the whole thing under wraps due to embarrassment and her family still carrying an influence.

So she fled. And she was fine for a while as she moved further out from that part of the core, but she was used to the high life and spending money she didn't have to for comforts she didn't need.

After a while, she found she needed to support herself, so she took on the life of a Registered Companion (at age 17). Now, she needs a way to get around and a way to find the adventure she wants.

During her days as a Companion so far, she's amassed a small fortune of about 2,500 credits (6,250 platinum), which is stored safely at the House, after being advised by a Companion she was close to.

Lina Shaynee (F, 25): Long-lost cousin who disagreed with the arranged marriage.
Inara (F): Yes, it's the same Inara from the show. Inara may be able to provide help. If she can't, she probably knows someone who can.
"James Smith" (M): This man is in charge of a moon just outside the core. An alert and wealthy man who used Mai's services early on at one point, he was extremely pleased with her services. He was so pleased he offered to help her any time she needed it, though occasionally he would require her services as payment.

Saturn (F): She's a Companion who helped Mai the most.
Kamron Denítcierru (M, 30): He's Mai's older protective brother who is married. Estranged from their parents, he didn't know about the arranged marriage but wouldn't have agreed with it. In fact, he might have tried to stop it if he'd known. Sadly, he found out about the forced marriage of youngest sister Leiponi too late. He's very smart and well educated; he knows a lot!
Kent Wallace (M): Contact in the inner core. He's an Alliance agent turned spy, who has to be careful of the frequency and amount of information he leaks, but is happy to do it so long as he doesn't get caught (so he can keep doing it!).

Harold (M): Ex-fiancé, middle brother of 3 with Atherton as the oldest. He might hunt Mai down for running from the marriage.
Leiponi Denítcerrui (F, 21): Mai's younger sister. When Mai left, she was forced to marry Harold's youngest brother known as Lenny, who is worse than Atherton and Harold combined.
"John Doe" (M): A random client who treated Mai like a 'common' whore and tried to rape her. After earning a black mark in the Companion Registry and news of his horrid act spreading, he couldn't contract with a Companion or find a woman willing to bed him since all knew. He became an outcast from most, and wasn't able to move far enough that nobody knew what had happened.

*Ages are as of Mai being 22, when Mai joined the crew.*
She knows the way of high society, and gets along with most people no matter what their walk of life. She can pass herself in most crowds, and is a good diplomat. She's sensitive and sometimes shy or nervous, but not afraid to do what's right. Given what happened with her parents, she's hesitant to trust those she doesn't know. Her parents may or may not have someone out looking for her.

She still carries a locket with her, which she always wears, with the family seal on the front and her parents' pictures inside.

Talented Dancer, Musically Gifted (Trained) - can sing/play just about every instrument and song easily, Sweet, Cheerful, Friendly, Loves Animals, Rich, Graceful, Kind, High-Class

Skills, either known or unknown + NOTES:

* Minimal medical training. (She can take care of minor injuries.)
* Trained in survival/has learned to survive.
* Skilled in crafts & cooking, and is very ritualistic.
* Light on her feet.

* Has a song book, and a music stand to put it on, with old, difficult (possibly lost) songs. This song book has been lost, but was handed down to her, and is something she will find later.
* Has a knack (natural talent) for swordplay and martial arts, but doesn't know it yet.
* Has a Bag of Secrets, in which she carries various items that most Registered Companions don't have -- to satisfy certain clients'...special tastes. She doesn't talk about those contents with the crew.
* Has a belled anklet to wear while dancing.
* Has a coin purse, with the family seal.

* She will get a fancy dress later.

* 100+ year old antique, cherry finish violin made by a descendant of the original Stradavarious.
* Acquainted with many of the higher-up families in the core. They don't know about what happened.
* Will acquire a well-made, engraved sword later, possibly an antique.
* Bottle of fine wine she keeps for special occasions.