"We shall all join with the sand."
User: Konrad
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Two Weapon Warrior/1
Aakif is a male with dark brown skin. His hair is styled with cornrows that stop at the nape of his neck. He wears an old set of armor underneath a hooded cloak and a scarf. He covers his body in these garments to protect himself from the intensity of the sun. He has sharp green eyes that seem to pierce through even the most fearsome of enemies. He wields two scimitars on his hip. He has a morning star strapped to his lower back. His Longbow is kept in a holster on his back, with his arrows and Javelins placed on top of it.
Aakif and his Tribe traveled the deserts of Galrund all his life. His only friends were the other children of the Tribe. They would occasionally travel to towns for supplies and rest, but for the most part they would take what they could from the harsh sands and sleep where they stopped in leather tents. Aakif was raised to be a defender of the Tribe. He was given his father's armor and his Scimitars when he passed, and began training with them immediately. He would lead defenses for his tribe from marauding bandits, goblin, and Orcs alike. Eventually, he grew tired of the ceaseless circle of wandering his Tribe partook in every year, and he grew tired of the dried meat and tasteless water. He left and became a mercenary for hire, travelling from country to country and fighting for various lords.