Naolexa Vhiski

User: Katie
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Witch/12
Naolexa Vhiski is the provocative and free-spirited daughter of Kaye Tesarani & Jubrayl Vhiski. She is 19 years-old and 5'7" and known for her looks that she has most graciously received from her mother.
Naolexa Vhiski, daughter of Kaye Tesarani and Jubrayl Vhiski, grew up in Sandpoint just about as any girl would; dainty and delicate. Her mother owned the local brothel in town, The Pixie’s Kitten, and Naolexa helped with the business there. She had a childhood friend, Thanning Catum, who Naolexa doted upon for many years. Thanning was an eccentric man, and a little odd at times, but he always meant well. Thanning never cared for the fact that Naolexa worked at the brothel, being told by his parents that it’s “not exactly a place you should go to meet a nice girl.” Eventually when coming to age, Kaye allowed Naolexa to work as a prostitute if Naolexa wanted to. Knowing it would be help for the brothel, she gladly accepted. Jubrayl, outraged about how Kaye would even consider this, left Sandpoint immediately, and hasn’t been heard from in years.

As business continued, Naolexa lost connection with Thanning. Unsure if it was because of ill feelings with the brothel, or something else she may had done, Naolexa sought out Thanning one evening at his family’s home. There, Naolexa caught Thanning in the middle of some sort of ritual or spell that he was casting on a bird. She stayed silent, as Thanning finished the ritual, and the bird hopped up on his shoulder to sing a delightful little tune.

“That was amazing!” Naolexa proclaimed, startling Thanning, “I have never seen anything like that before in my life, what was that?”
“Wha!...Oh, Naolexa, is that you? It’s been some time, eh? How’d you get in here? No matter...I haven’t been in contact because I got wrapped up in my studies of magic. What I just completed was a wizard’s ritual to claim an animal companion. Skipper here is now my new buddy!”
“Can you teach me how to do that? I would kill for an awesome magical pet like that!”
“Uh...sure? It takes a bit of magical prowess, so the strain could hurt your brain. But I bet if I just supervise you, you should be fine! Might even get me some extra credit over at the academy! What do you want to train?”

So the next day, the two traveled to the nearby forest just to the east of town, to try and find whatever pops up. Luckily, a fox happened to show in the distance, and Naolexa claimed it for her own. They began the ritual, Thanning supervising the whole time, as Naolexa began taming her first familiar. However, during the ritual, she heard a distant voice in her head, but she felt like it was from the fox:

“I have finally met you, child. Your journey is just about to begin.”
“ journey? Who are you?”
“I have been waiting for a master to come along to claim me as their familiar. While I expected someone who was maybe a little more trained than you, we can certainly work on that.”

This fox was speaking to Naolexa during this ritual, and during this time, he explained that his name was Shazurtmus. He has been living in these woods nearby for some time now, and now that Naolexa is claiming him as his own, he can finally start down the path designed for him and his master.

“No, Shazurtmus. You’re putting an extra ah sound in there.”
“You know what, screw it. I’m calling you Shazam.”

After the ritual completed, Thanning congratulated Naolexa, and warned her that magic can be very powerful, and it should only be used for good. Magic in the wrong hands is happening, and he would hate to learn that Naolexa was using magic for the wrong purpose. With her new found friend, she said her goodbyes to Thanning, and quickly rushed over to The Pixie’s Kitten. She showed off her new pet to Kaye, and then ran upstairs to commune with him further. Shazam explained of the witch hexes he could teach, and the spells he knows that he could teach Naolexa as well. His main focus, as he described it, was to “be like the kitsunes” and charm his foes into deception and misery. Naolexa liked the charm part, knowing that could be used well with the customers at the brothel. He taught her all he knew.

Naolexa used some of the magic in the brothel, but only on “tough crowds” as she puts it. She worried the ill effects, should she use it in the open as well, as she learned later that she would technically be classified as a witch, “by the books”. Shazam being her guide, the two bonded for many years. Naolexa recently had to use the magic to help defend the brothel, however, against the goblin raid on Sandpoint during the Swallowtail Festival. After that, she decided that she wanted to maybe adventure a bit, “see what the Varisia has in store for Shazam and I”. By this point, Shazam had taught her the Thassilonian language, and spoke of the ruins and ancient history eluded to most of the world. Kaye wished her well, and demanded she visit whenever she could. “Maybe find that deadbeat father of yours while you’re out there.”

Naolexa headed north out of town, where she ran into some trouble with some goblins. Luckily for her, a group known around town as the Sandpoint Heroes were not far behind her with a local noble, and they rushed in to save our damsel in distress. Seeing the group, she knew that maybe sticking with this group would lead her to the ruins that Shazam spoke of, or at least somewhere close!
Witch Debuff build.
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