"Screw this, I'm hanging from the yard..."
User: Steve
Campaign: Skull n Shackles
Race: Half Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Cleric/9
The current Ship's Captain mostly on account of his wise helmsmanship, rather than his fetching good looks...

Previously the Ship's Surgeon and generally a party healer.
  • Cyrus Wolfe (Completed) Plus Spacer
      • The Golden Vespal (Completed) Plus Spacer
      • The Brine Banshee (Completed) Plus Spacer
  • Free Captains Regatta (Completed) Plus Spacer
  • Prepare for War (Active) Plus Spacer
    • Aigers Kiss (Active) Plus Spacer
    • Gather a Fleet (Active) Plus Spacer
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