""Not all who wander are lost." HOBART LIVES!"
User: Chris
Race: Human/Rankan
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Fighter/15
Hobart wears blood red plate armor, although he's not sure if it was originally red, or if its been stained from the battles he's been through.

He carries a Bastard sword, fitting since he has no past or family to speak of. Also a large shield is alwasys strapped to his arm. There is no helmet protecting him, which would hide the scar across his face, from forehead to cheek running through his right eye.

Recently there is an Imp perched on his shoulder hiding behind his shield during his fights.
Hobart is the bastard son of Ohderik and Sara Farron. Asmodeus had tricked the new couple into selling his soul before his birth. Once born it was decided that his parents would hide him away. Probably given to scholars to be taught the ways of peace. But Hobart had other intentions, leaving the monastery he fell into a group of mercenary’s where he learned to fight and kill.

Later in life he found a home in Riverton and became the Captain of the guard with a brave, up and coming Lieutenant Jo. It was here that he met the party and has been traveling with them since.