The Journal of Hobart

Campaign: The Fall of the Rankan Empire: Rise of Zehir

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Hobart: A simple thank you would be nice...
Hobart watched The Raven Queen leave through the same portal he had just appeared from. Smiling, he turned towards his companions, once more he felt at home.
"Aase, when last we spoke you said some very hurtful things to me. I understand why you said them, and I'll never ask you to take them back. But you must understand I did what I did for a reason. I knew long before then that I would kill Asmodeus. I just did not know how. It has been my goal all along, since I was a child when HE first came to me. He told me I would worship him, that one day I would grow to love him as a child loves his father. It was then that he showed me the powers I possess. But I did not grow to love him, quite the opposite, I hated that man, for I did not know he was a God not for some time. But once I found out who HE was and what HE stood for I stopped using my fiery powers. For that was how HE tracked me. A long time I hid. And until we all found each other in Rivertown I promised myself I would never use them again. But fate had other plans for me, for us all."
Hobart slowly walked towards Dawn placing his hand on his shoulder.
"Dawn, once again I have killed your sister."
Hobart was on his knee now, looking down at the ground under Dawn's feet.
"I'm sorry, I gave her life back to her but only to take it once more. I pray you understand she sacrificed herself to help me. To save us. She loved you very much, she asked me to tell you that. And to tell you she voluntarly laid her life down, to bring me Achra. She believed in me, knew I would slay that Bastard." And with that word he spat on the ground, he stood and nodded at Dawn, as to say 'I understand you may hate me, but please understand.'
Hobart turned once more, looking for Tristan. "Tristan, my brother, even in death you would not leave me alone." Hobart took the letter from his belt and showed Tristan. "Thank you, even after the shit I said to you, you believed in me...Thank you."

After a long pause and many glances around he spoke again..."Where is Janus, and Anthony? I was truly hoping to see them alive and well...but...I did not see them in Hell..." with a laugh "have you pissed them off so badly they left you as well? However, Robb its good to see you again. Glad you could help them out again. I see after I leave it takes 'many' to fill my place. Forgive me," he looks at Melerra and Logge, "I am Hobart Longbow, brother to the Farrons, the Raven Queen's Hearld, and her Archangel of Death, but these titles mean nothing. Nothing compared to this, I am a friend." Glancing around at everyone now, "It's nice to be home again."
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Interlude: Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?
Hobart and Bel circled each other, their gazes locked, not even noticing the devil blood covering the armor of themselves. Bel had been stripped of his rank as the Arch Duke of the first because of Hobart. Hobart had something up his ripped and tattered sleeve. It didn’t matter now, Bel was about to rule over him, again.

Asmodeus watched with great interest. It was he who took Bel’s title and offered it to Hobart, but only if he could slay Bel. He knew it was impossible though, it was just a ploy to piss off Bel. Bel had been his Sword for far too long, almost since the beginning. Asmodeus would almost consider him a friend, if the Warlock-King had friends…

Asmodeus also knew it was Hobart who convinced Bel to betray him. But he wasn’t sure how Hobart was able to do it. That would have been a very impressive conversation to listen in on. “To convince an Arch Duke of Hell, to challenge his own god, very impressive indeed. But why? “ But alas, He would never know now, as Bel was going to slay him within seconds.

The fight was taking everything out of Hobart, he had used every little trick he knew of and many he had made up on the spot. He was being dominated, he couldn’t lift his shield to protect himself anymore so he dropped it. Walking backwards dragging his sword, he fell to the ground. Head swimming, vision blurred from the blood in his eyes, he laid on the ground. So close to death he may as well have been.

Bel had never fought so hard in his life, and being a devil, it was a very long life. But never had he denounced his god either, but this …mortal… had tricked him into it. And now he would take his head. Blade raised, Bel walked towards the motionless body. The sword he had given Hobart lay 2 arm lengths away from his hands. Not even a threat. Bel is within inches of Hobart now, going to his knees he whispers in his ear, first in one then moving to the other and back to the first. “You were nothing, a piss-ant, a bastard child, no one to care for you, and you cared for no one. But before you die, I want you to know, you won’t. I’m not going to kill you. No no no, I’m throwing your worthless ass back into the pool.” Hobarts eyes opened, even on the verge of death he knew he WOULD NOT go back in there. With a great yelp, he pushed Bel over, rolled to the body next to him and grabbed the horn from the devil’s skull. With a loud crack he had broken it off and it was in his hand. Leaping through the air, towards a shocked Bel he mashed the horn into Bel’s throat. Bel being so amazed at the little man’s pure will, was taken by surprise and didn’t see his own death. Bel, the former Arch Duke of the First was dead, by a mortal’s hand. And for an instant…Hell was silent, even if only in Hobart’s mind. Hobart looked up at Asmodeus. “My liege” and collapsed to the ground.

Asmodeus stood above Hobart, glaring down irritated, and lost in wonder. “What is your next move is Hobart?”
Hobart knelt infront of Asmodeus, looking at the floor of his great throne room, hiding a smirk. Hobart thought to himself, “With any luck Dusk would have it and be on her way back… then… “ and with that last thought, he looked up into HIS eyes. And grinned…

Hobart, Arch Duke of the First. Bel’s executioner. And now Asmodeus' new Sword and Protector.
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For every action there is a reaction: Hobart
"You're either with us...Or you're against us, Hobart." That was the end. Hobart just stared, "That's the line, eh? Follow the words of a dead god, or the machinations of a chained one? I'll take the road that gets me somewhere. You can thank me when it's over."

Hobart turned on his heels, hand still on his blade. Not knowing if Janus or Aase would attack or let him be. Once his back was to them, he let his hand fall from the grip of Bel's sword. Mind racing, he tried to get a firm understanding of what he was about to do.
"Ok Hoby, this is really're about to lead an army. I just hope it all works out according to plan."
Hobart stopped briefly before continuing into the dark.
“Should I tell them of my plan? Should I try to convince them to follow? No, they’d never understand. And they’d never want to. Let them be, unfortunately their anger will make it easier for them to leave me behind. So be it, this journey I go alone. “

Walking in the dark he called for his imp to light and lead the way. Reluctantly it did so, and Hobart spoke aloud "Dispater, come get me. I'm ready to lead."
In his mind he tried to make sense of the madness he was about to ensue. "First...its been 5 years, but I need it back... WE NEED IT. Second, Na'kar. Third, Bel. Then… I'll have an army, and we'll march south, to take down Zehir." Laughing to himself Hobart had another thought "Tristan, you see we are not so different. You fight for the thrill, for the opportunity to appease Bane. I fight to rid the world of evil. However, if this plan fails...Asmodeus will walk the Land again. So much to be done and so little time."
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RE: “ORDERAS!”: Tristan Farron and Hobart Longbow
Tristan Farron
Tristan had put this off for far too long…standing he walked towards Hobart and rested his hand on his shoulder; "We can all be forgiven for the past." He rubbed the spot on his forehead where the snake had once resided, and then turned his eyes to follow the shoreline, recognizing a keep in the distance, "...Home. That is Olmad Nolgr,” He said while gesturing towards the keep. “…my…OUR family’s lands. We are home!”

Hobart felt uneasy under Tristans hand. Looking down Hobart spoke, calmly and quietly.

"I am sorry friend, but we are not brothers. Of sweat, hard work and spilt blood, yes. But not because of family. I see what family does for one another now. Dawn tried to save his Sister. And all but condemned me for slaying her. Instead he traveled to Hell to save me. He is a brother to me, of sweat, hard work and spilt blood. But not because of family. You and Janus are family of sweat, hard work, of blood spilt and the blood which runs in each of your veins. When Janus, you and the others fought your way to Hell, we were already brothers. I did not need to hear that news from Asmodeus. I am not of Farron blood. MY "family" did not try to rescue me from Asmodeus. My mother hid me yes. But she did not stand up to Him. My father never looked after me, He did not teach me to walk, to hold a sword, or to protect myself from enemies. No, to these things he taught to Janus."

For the first time since beginning to speak he raised his head. Making eye contact with Tristan, Hobart raised his voice just a little.

"Not that this upsets me! I am not jealous of Janus, nor do I hate him for it."
Back to almost a whisper he continues.

"No I do not hate any of you, on the contrary. You were all my family before I went to Hell. And since then, I have done nothing but criticize and complain. Thank you Tristan, friend, and Brother of spilt blood, Now go tend to Janus. That was a foolish thing he just did. Asmodeus will have his revenge on him soon enough..."
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...what now?....
Finally making his way through the crumbling passage way, Hobart began thinking of Janus, and Tristan... and their family. Could I be their brother, or am I possibly one more bastard given to the world from Sara? She says she "hid" me from HIM. But if that were the case, you'd think one of them would watch me, ask for news. But no, Oderick instead followed JANUS! Leaving me to my own demise. Some FATHER! And her...Sara...Giving me to Asmodeus, a trade more like it. Trading her soul and mine, for her sons. So he would be able to save the world from collapsing upon itself. F*ing Farrons. I fight alongside them, we each saving each others lives, brothers in arms, to find out I AM a bastard brother to them...what am I supposed to feel? Proud, to have such a stong "family"? Joyous, for they risked their own lives to save mine? Possibly both. But Confusion, why would they save me? They did not know who I was til recently... Disgust, I'm the son of a slut. One who slept with a "Lightbringer" one who upholds true glory, and faith. How did this come to be?
Tristan sat far away from Hobart, after their little "conversation" earlier, Hobart did not blame him.
What was to happen next? Janus has issued challenge, and Tristan would stab me in the back if I were to sleep, or even turn around.
What was Hobart to do? He would leave the party once they were "top-side." What else was there to do? ... Protect himself, protect himself from the Farrons and with the Farrons were his other friends. Anthony. Aase. And Dawn.
By the Gods, Dawn would have no problem killing me. I've already killed his sister.
And for the first time it dawned on Hobart...he was no longer Bane's champion. Bane had chosen another. Bane had left Hobart, just like his "family." First his mother and father, then Bane. Would no one stand with him?
They all used me. Kept me around for just long enough to get what they needed, then traded me off for something better. Well to Hell with them. From now on I need noone.

With that last thought Hobart stood up. And prepared for Battle. For this was HOBART VERSUS ... EVERYONE.
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