Nishaa (Catherine Elisabeth Prestor)

"There are no heroes in this world only monsters devouring each other and the strongest monster will survive. I intend to be that monster"
User: Michael
Race: Half-Drow (Half-Elf)
Gender: Female
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Warlock/2
Physical description:
You can see a woman of ashen complexion sitting behind a stall in the marketplace. Her smile while at first glance broad and inviting to a trained eye seems hollow. She moves with grace and her rather petite body is hidden from view by a stark white embrodiered robe. Her face is fair and her long white hair is peppered with pins and other accesories many of which feature various gems. She always speaks in an elegant and cultured manner. Beyond her apparent cheer she rarely expresses emotion. She seems to be always collected and composed. The only thing which might seem strange is the snake-like choker with sickly blackish yellow gems as eyes, she always wears.
A rising merchant on the Sword Coast Nishaa hails from the town of Waterdeep albeit often travels on both personal and guild interests. She’s tight lipped about her past but apparently knows magic of sorts, arcane magic that much is sure. Her rise as a merchant has been mysterious as she just one day appeared on the guild doorstep with enpugh capital to buy a membership ever since she has proven to be a good negotiator. She deals primarily in gems magical paraphenalia and herbal remedies both for ailments and for “sweet dreams”. She’s always willing to seise an opportunity to increase her holdings and expand her influence although she rarely takes serious risks. It’s rumoured that she often visits the seedier parts of Waterdeep. Such rumours are of course denounced and some rivals who were encouraging them crashed and burned in scandals often involving young girls…