"Hold the Vision. Trust the Process… Or just slash everything up!"
User: Jimmy
Race: Suli
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Fighter/10
Reiner Glamdring was born in Sandpoint, son of Vera Glamdring, and sister of Malia, Reiner was born due to the tryst between Vera and a janni who left shortly after finding out Vera was with child. Malia was a child of another father, who did manage to stick around. Their family resided in Riddleport, which had its fair share of issues of thievery and the like. Reiner grew up in this harsh environment of cutpurses, thieves, and prostitutes, and thus he learn his way with a blade pretty quickly, and easily helped defend his family in times of need.

One night, Reiner and his family were attacked again. However, the sheer numbers of attackers was astounding, and his family was completely overwhelmed. His mother slain along with his step-father, the thieves’ leader stated , “We got what we came for, let’s go.” They left just as quickly as they came, leaving Malia and Reiner to fend for themselves. They shortly thereafter left Riddleport, fearing that they needed a safer environment to live in. He had a few friends in town who wanted to know he was safe, so they left along with him. As the group traveled to the southeast, they were eventually ambushed on the road. The attackers, common thieves from what the group could tell, battled fiercely against Reiner and his friends. Malia was abducted during the commotion, and in the surge of battle, the attackers slew everyone but Reiner. Reiner fought too ferociously, killing three of his foes before the rest of them ran off. With no chance of being able to track them down, Reiner became hardened.

His parents dead, his friends now dead trying to protect him, and now failing to protect his sister, Reiner knew not what to do with himself. He was at this point near the town of Galduria, where he found a local inn to house up in for the time being. Speaking with the local tavern keeper at the bar, he learned of the Swallowtail Festival held at Sandpoint here in a few days. He decided he had not much else to do, and it certainly sounded better than this current town. Reiner bought a ferry to follow the river down south to Nybor, and traveled west to Sandpoint.
  • Find Malia! (Completed) Plus Spacer
  • Lamatar and Myriana? (Completed) Plus Spacer
  • Raid on Sandpoint (Completed) Plus Spacer
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