"fight? No, no. I'll stick with my bow, thank you. "
User: Ethan
Race: Wood Elf
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Ranger/3
Once a little under 6 feet tall, Erdan has a rather slender build. His wiry build belies a surprising strength for someone his size. Now standing at a towering 6'4 Erdan is taller than any other Elf he has ever seen, or heard of.

Very racist, Erdan finds those that lack Elven blood good only for the profit that they can make him. If he values them at all. An expert with a bow, like most Elven kind, He prefers to avoid close combat, in favor of raining down arrows from afar.
Orphaned at an early age, Erdan found himself living off of the kindness of others amongst his tribe. Taught to fend for himself by the Elven Rangers of his tribe, he followed in their footsteps, learning to stalk the beasts that made up the majority of the meat his tribe ate, and bring it down swiftly and cleanly.

Now he spends his time wandering the world, looking to turn whatever profit he can, to benefit those of his tribe, and race. Disliking most honest work, Erdan works as a smuggler, figuring that he is only breaking human laws.

Stupid non-Elven jerks.
Height: 6'4
Weight: 115Lbs
Age: 184
Hair color: Lighter Brown, with green undertones and highlights
Eye color: green