Mirumoto Daitora

"Wisdom is not found/ In the course of years, but a/ Matter of moments."
User: Rhett
Race: Mirumoto
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Mirumoto Bushi/1
Other Information:
Daitora is a tall man, with large hands. His face is rough, and his nose broken, with many scars all over his body. His left arm is covered with a tattoo of a White Tiger, and his right is adorned with the Dragon of Earth. The two tattoo sleeves meet in the middle of his chest, the Tiger forming Yang, and the Dragon forming Yin.

Religious affiliation:
Strives very hard to follow the teachings of Shinsei. Has a special reverence for Byakko, Fortune of Tigers, and has a specific respect for Mirumoto Hitomi and Mirumoto Hojatsu, ancestors that he can trace his lineage to.

Courage is the virtue he feels is most important, followed closely by Honor. For what is Honor without the Courage to be Honorable?

Elemental Affiliation:

Tsume no Tora, the Tiger's Claws. A katana and o-wakizashi, the blades nearly the same length.

The tsuba depicts a dragon and a tiger, circling each other in harmony.

Keeps the sides of his head short, and the top long, bundled up into a top knot. Attempting to grow a goatee.

Eye Color:
Hazel, and seems to change color at times.
Character History:
On the day of his gempukku, a young Mirumoto took the name Daitora, and tied a piece of tattered black silk over his face. The silk was all that remained of his mother, Hinata, formerly of the Bayushi, after she had been bested by an unknown duelist as a part of the dueling competition that had taken over the land. As he tied the knot, he made two silent vows to himself. The first, was to become the best swordsman he could. The second, to find out whatever there was to know about what happened to his mother. To accomplish both of these tasks, he secured the permission of his liege lord to embark on his musho shugyo, and set his sights on the Ketto Kontesuto.

Daitora chose his name because of the great respect he had for his grandfather, Mirumoto Yamatora, who was an accomplished duelist and warrior in his day. The tiger was considered a totem animal of the samurai who ruled the small farming community known as the Village of the Tiger's Swim, Oyogutora no Mura. The village was situated in a picturesque valley in Toshibu province, and sported a placid pond, a favorite of the local beasts to cool off from the summer's heat. Due to the constant presence of the great cats, the village had a special shrine dedicated to Byakko, Fortune of Tigers. It was even said that once, during the reign of a supremely blessed emperor, Byakko assumed the form of a beautiful maiden, and married the Mirumoto lord of the village at the time. After providing the Mirumoto with many children, Byakko turned into a white tiger and disappeared into the lake.

When he came of age, Daitora's older brother, Kanbei, gifted him with the family daisho, the Tiger's Claws. The swords were said to have belonged to the Mirumoto of Byakko's legend, and were once carried by Yamatora and his son, Yuuki. Since both men had retired to the Brotherhood many years ago, the blades had passed to Kanbei, who felt they were more suited to Daitora's journey, rather than his simple life as a farmer.

So it was that Daitora, with the soul and honor of his family in his belt and the memory of his mother on his brow, bid farewell to Kanbei and his younger sister Naomi, and set off to prove himself.
Mirumoto Daitora
Honor 5.6, Glory 1.6, Status 1, Insight 125

Air 2 (Reflexes 3)
Fire 2 (Agility 3)
Water 2
Earth 3
Void 2

Mirumoto Bushi 1

Athletics 2
Lore: Shugenja 1
Kenjutsu (Katana) 3
Defense 2
Iaijutsu (Focus, Assessment) 4
Meditation 2
Lore: Theology 1

Perform (Flute) 1
Investigation 3 (Notice)
Kyujutsu 1
Jiujutsu 1
Etiquette 1
Games (Go) 1
Hunting 1
Calligraphy 1

Great Potential (Kenjutsu)

Driven (Perfect his swordsmanship, avenge his mother)

Light Armor
Sturdy Clothing
Daisho (Tsume no Tora)
Han Kyu
  • Travel to Tochigi (Completed) Plus Spacer
    • The Kenku (Active) Plus Spacer
  • Find the Emperor (Active) Plus Spacer
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