Pavil DeCorona

"Have I ever told you about the time when.......?"
User: Ryan
Campaign: Darkstarr Falling
Race: human
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class/Level: Fighter (battle master)/4
Captain DeCorona is a strikingly handsome, blond haired man, roughly 6 feet and 190 pounds of perfectly sculpted muscle. He has a disarming smile and a roving eye, useful for picking up women with. He has 1000 stories of his heroic exploits, which usually flow faster than the absurd amount of alcohol he consumes.
He bears a captain's insignia, his most prized possession, but never gets around to telling the story of how he got it. His goal in life is to start his own mercenary company, The Order of the Raised Finger, and forever bask in the fame, glory, women and riches that he believes the Order will gain him.
Captain Corona may be a self centered, egotistical, braggart, alcoholic womanizer, and sure, maybe he bedded both your wife and your mother in the same evening, but he will always have your back in a fight and he is extremely loyal to those precious few whom he calls friends.