Shasta Fay

"One life, one arrow, it is a short flight to the target"
User: Alex
Campaign: Skull & Shackles
Race: Halfling
Gender: Female
Role: Striker
Class: Monk (Zen Archer)
Long blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Slim athletic build.
Shasta was orphaned during the Goblinblood Wars in Isger. Like many orphans, Shasta was taken in and cared for by the Sisters of the Golden Erinyes.

Upon reaching the age of 18, she was initiated into the Sisterhood. Shasta seemed well suited to the composite bow, a signature weapon of the Sisterhood's name sake devil. Shasta dutifully followed the disciplines and tenets of the Asmodean faith, though her heart was not very cruel.

Eventually Shasta caught the eye of a corrupt human priest of Asmodeus named Herbert. Herbert used his clout and influence with the Mother Superior to buy Shasta as a slave.

At first, Shasta complied with Herbert's wishes. Asmodeus preaches obedience to those more powerful. However, Shasta did not enjoy Herbert's vices and perversions.

Eventually, Shasta escaped to Andoran. Andoran was not safe, however, as many Chelish spies and agents work there. Herbert sent people to get Shasta back. After narrowly escaping a second time, Shasta stowed away on a ship. A ship bound to Port Peril.