The Journal of Ikiryo, the Lifegiver

Campaign: Prophecy of the First King by: Gamer's Emporium

A new Life
"Cold" Whispered Ikiryo. "Its... So..." Suddenly he felt as though he sank into himself. entering a void of nothingness. He felt as though he was floating in a lightless room with no walls, floors, or ceilings. As he tried to open his eyes he felt too weak, drained of his energy. He could feel himself sinking feather into himself. As if he was nothing but a small warmth at the center of his chest. Abruptly he felt the warm pulsate. "lub dub", he felt as if it was his heart. as if it was beating for the 1st time. The warm slowly grow from his heart to every inch of his body. He could feel his arms reaching out as his hands where softly grasping his knees.

As Ikiyo floated there an image flashed in his mind. "What that that?" he wondered. "Its a scroll. One of my masters..." It suddenly hit him, he knew where he was and what was going on. He was died and is now being reborn. He could feel his body begin to unfold he could feel a force starting to pull him backwards. He sensed that he was moving faster and faster. Until he felt like he was slammed up against a wall. At that moment he found himself grasping for air. As if the air had been knocked out of him. He jolted up and opened his eyes.

He found himself in a dimly light room. sitting up on a table. He could feel the cold air all over his body, causing his skin to tighten and goosebumps to form. He could see his master standing a the doorway just barely. Her ebony black skin made it hard for him to see her. if it wasn't for her long ghost white hair and piercing purple eyes staring at him with that lustful look, he wouldn't haven even noticed her. She tossed a white cloth at his crotch. "As much as I enjoy the view, that will need to wait until tonight. For now put that on and then join me downstairs for your morning meal." I suddenly had a different kind of sinking sensation in the pit of my stomach. anytime she is this nice to me. I know something is wrong and I am in trouble. I must have really fucked up right before i died...
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The History of my Master and Me (Part Three: Ikiryo)
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When I was a child, I was found outside a destroyed village with a head injury and no memories. I was brought to a Church of Milani that was acting as an orphanage where a Cleric named Claire treated me and due to my shyness, I said nothing to anyone, not even thanking Claire for her kindness. Thus one of the other orphans, John, asked if I had any manners. John said my lack of a name was annoying and Claire, taking inspiration from the fact that he looked eastern, decided to call me “Ikiryo.” The eastern name of a man from a story she once read about. That night, I was feeling guilty because I didn't thank Claire. I got out of bed to look for her. However the other wards caught me and I got in trouble for being up past curfew. Luckily Claire found me being scolded by the other wards and defended me, explaining how I was new and didn't know the rules. Once the others left, I realized what she had done and started crying in gratitude, thanking her over and over as she consoled me.

As I grew up, I learned medical skills and divine healing from Claire, helping her heal passing warriors and adventures and raise money for the Church. This led to my first meeting with master, who suggested that I become a traveling healer and learn more of the secrets of life and death, but I wasn't interested. A few days later I overheard Claire talking with a man named Torthon, who wanted an orphan in exchange for him funding the church. I took him up on the offer and was assigned to missions, infiltrating villages, writing reports on the coming and goings of people of importance.

On one of these missions in Mivon, my cover was blown and I had to retreat, accidentally attacking a traveling cleric as I tried to run. I then realized it was Claire. It had been 7 years since I left the church. I tried to get her to stop attacking me saying that it was me. She claimed I was lying, trying to deceive her. She was unable to recognize me. She was attacking me with an intent to kill. sadly, I was able to defeat her. As I tried to heal her injuries, I noticed she had died. I started to reflect on and question my purpose in life.

That night as I made camp for her and myself in the woods. waiting for her to wake up. I was again approached by my master, who told me that my fight with Claire had been orchestrated by Torthon as I has become to mush of a liability due to my quickly growing skills. Furthermore, having been show sketches of what she was made to think was me, Claire was tricked into trying killing me on the promise that he would release me from his position. My master went on revealing Torthon's intent to kill me and I was finally enraged when my master pointed out that my's missions have made me devoid of an identity to which I can truly called my own.

However, admitting he sees a bit of himself in me, My master offered me a new identity and a position as his right-hand man and apprentice. He would teach me what he knows about the art of life and death, so that one day I may be able to bring Claire back to life. My master give me a new identity, that had been found within my own past. I had been raised by a Cleric in the church of Malini. I am a healer. My name is Ikiryo. A few years later, I was later sent to spy on a secrete organization for my master.
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