Seumas Murphey

User: Jamie
Gender: Male
Seumas Murphey is almost a characture of an Irishman. With bright red hair, pale white skin and vivid green eyes he is everyone's idea of the Irish. He dresses in somewhat old fashioned clothes, tweed jacket and all. He walks with a pronounced limps, leaning on a beautifully carved cane of Irish Blackthorne wood. When asked about his limp all he will say is that it is a 'legacy of a misspent youth.' There have always been rumors about the horrible scars or the prosthetic or any other of a dozen things that he hides under his pant leg since no one has ever seen him and anything other than pants and stout, sensible shoes. He constantly grumbles about the students and it doesn't take long for people to realize he does not like children. Not at all. People wonder why he is a librarian at a high school but he never gives a straight answer, only grumbling in different languages. He is never seen without his elegantly carves wood and ivory pipe and his silver chased hip flask. Despite his obvious distaste for children and his habit of smoking his pipe in the library, the fact that the University of Maine in Collensport routinely comes to him for consultation adds to the prestige of the school and keeps him from being dismissed.