Ben Thorson

"Keep your eyes open. There are things in this world that shouldn't be here."
User: Mike
Race: Norweigan American
Gender: Male
Ben looks like a Viking, just like his father and his grandfather. He is tall (6'3"), muscular (for a 16 year old), and has shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes that always seem to be looking for something. People describe him as handsome and athletic. He is out-going, smiles a lot, and gets along with almost everyone. He has a scar running from the bottom of his left ear to his chin. If you ask him about it, he'll tell you he got it in a wood cutting accident.
Ben grew up in Collinsport. His father, Bjorn Thorson, is a captain on a fishing boat. His mother, Maggie Thorson, is a nurse at the local hospital. Ben's grandfather, Dr. Buernor Thorson, lives with the family in their modest home. Because of his parent's work schedules, Ben spends most of his time with this Grandfather. It was his grandfather who taught Ben the value of physical fitness and how to use axes and knifes.