Cory Jennings

User: Drew
Gender: Male
Stands about 6 foot tall, and weights in at a modest 175 pounds.
Brown hair, short. His eyes are an unusually light gray color.
He does have a pair of glasses, but he only wears them during school. He really doesn't need them.
Cory Jennings is a Collinsport native by birth. After high school, he went to England for college to become a teacher. He got married when he was 22, but became a widower 6 months later when his wife died due to some kind of animal. He remarried at 25, and again was left single when she also died due to an animal attack a year later. After that, he returned stateside to his family's home in Collinsport. He took up a job at the local school as a substitute, and is currently taking care of his teenage sister, Maryanne.
Cory inherited a family legacy of lycanthropy. his lack of control led to the deaths of those he treasured most. He's since learned about harnessing the beast, and refuses to let the beast control him. He will not loose his temper.

He recently inherited Rose Castle in England from his late parents-in-law when they died in a car accident.