User: Tanner
Campaign: Star Wars: Origins
Race: Near-Human (Lorrdian)
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Jedi Consular/1
Elias is an average size for someone around the age of 13; he wears some of the clothing from his family; particularly a crimson scarf from his mother. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes; and slightly tanned skin as with most Lorrdians.
Elias grew up only for a short time on Lorrd, he remembers most of his family only vaguely; but he does remember his parents quite well. Elias was found to be Force sensitive at a remarkably young age, and was taken in by the Jedi Order with his parents permission; as a parting gift his mother gave him a scarf she intended to give him later in life, but thought it best to give it to him then. He keeps the scarf close because it's the only real memory of home.

While growing up and training in the order; he was at best an average at the lightsaber and so was taught Niman nearly exclusively to make sure he was not useless in lightsaber combat. But, the Masters did notce he was a prodigy with the Force; using telekinesis and other base Force abilities like breathing. He eventually learned the art of healing, and took to it quickly because of his innate compassion and care for others; though his impatience and emotional strength sometimes got the better of him when using the more combative applications of the Force.

Eventually, he became a Padawan at the age of 12 and dedicated his Jedi career to the path of the Consular.
Lorrdian background: Being a Lorrdian Near-Human just means he has a stronger endurance than most humans and can mimic sounds quite easily; and is able to learn languages even faster because of this.
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