"Man; I'm too old for this sh!t"
User: Kevin
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Wizard/3
Asti is tall and lean with Grey hair and brown eyes and a long grey beard, he is older than you would expect a novice wizard to be and is obviously a student of the arcane arts with all the social graces you would expect from someone who has spent over 35 years in the library and not enough time out in the real world. He wears a Grey Robe with many hidden pockets several of which are filled with small how-to-books that he has collected over the years the upper front pocket has a small crest of Candle keep embroidered on it. He also wears a tattered grey wide brimmed hat and wears a medallion depicting the deity Oghma. He is often seen walking around with a sturdy yet intricately carved wooden staff.
Asti is a voracious reader and had an obsession with books in fact they were his only friends growing up, it was this obsession that led to the discovery of a Magnificent library located in candle keep, so at the age of 16 he left the City of Baldurs Gate and traveled south to Candle Keep.
But he was disappointed to find out that they would not allow him to enter without a donation of a rare tome in value of 1000gp, Asti undaunted decided to sneak into the library. That evening using his uncanny ability to be overlooked, he snuck into the library. the sheer magnitude of the library caused Asti to became so awestruck that he did not notice the 3 security guards who grabbed him.
He was taken to Tethtoril the first reader, who was so impressed with Asti’s ability to learn languages and his knowledge of history that he took him under his wing where he apprenticed with the scholars that reside there.
after 35 years of working in the library Asti started to feel a little restless it was during this time that the monks asked him to do some research about the Dessarin Valley, in his research, he uncovered an ancient map. The map is so old, some of the writing has faded, and being in dwarvish makes it even harder to follow. However, he know’s it is a map to some ancient dwarven stronghold beneath the Sumber Hills in the Dessarin Valley.
Curious,and armed with some of his favorite books and some spells that he wrote done on scraps of paper he set out to see if he can figure out where this stronghold is, and if it has any of the fabulous treasure dwarven strongholds are known to have.
The Crest of Candle Keep