User: Palmer
Race: Half Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Warpriest/7th
Thedian Calras Backstory


 Born to a great human fighter Thadeus and an elven cleric of Desna Tessara. Thedian is a perfect mixture of his parents. He processes his fathers’ will and stubbornness but also his mothers’ spontaneity and charm. His father in his prime was an enforcer for the Technic League and was often sent to “take care” of those the Technic League saw as a threat. While Tessara did not fully approve of Thadeus’ work (even though she did not know the full extent of it) she remained in love with the man that had rescued her from the blades of Aaramor in the Felldales. What she and the Technic League did not know was there was one contract Thadeus could not and did not complete. A member of the Technic League named Jathal had turned her allegiances and was fleeing Numeria with an ancient tome stolen from the Technic League. Thadeus was contacted to eliminate her when she tried to sneak through Hajoth Hakados. Thadeus tracked her down but could not carry out his orders as she reminded him so much of his wife. Instead Thadeus retrieved the tome (after Jathal had produced a copy) and told her to flee. Thadeus returned the tome and reported that her body had to be disposed of. It was at this point that Thadeus stopped taking contracts from the Technic League. He blamed old age and a hard life (he was 48 at this time). He instead became a merchant with a small craft and trinket store. He was still associated with the Technic League but would never do their dirty work again. He started to train his son at this time in the ways of the warrior. Thedian was not as stout as his father and Thadeus wondered if he was built for the warrior life. Thedian was not soley focused on his fathers’ training as he spent many hours with his mother in worship to Desna and pouring over technical manuals from his fathers’ store. The next five years were wonderful, training and studying with his parents, but this would not last. News reached the Technic League that Jathal had not been killed and was planning to use the tome against the league. It was then that the Technic League sought their revenge. The Hajoth Hakados chapter of the Technic League busted into Thadeus’ shop smashing it to pieces and took him hostage. Thadeus being a warrior all his life was not scarred of the threat of death. Seeing this the Technic League leader was filled with rage and came up with a plan to truly hurt him. Thadeus was released but Tessara was taken and put into slavery for the Technic League in Starfall. Thadeus too old for revenge fell into a deep depression. It was then that Thedian told his father that he would rescue his mother. Thedian set off and arrived in Torch looking for a way to get back at the Technic League.