User: Andy
Race: Ratfolk
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Ranger/3
Middle-aged rat, brown fur with grey flecks, yellow eyes, one front tooth jaggedly chipped. Almost always in his traveling leathers, carrying everything he owns on his back. Carries two quivers, one at his hip, one on his back. Several arrows in both have odd notches carved into the shaft just above the fletchings so that he can quickly tell them apart by touch.
Like most of his family, his life was laid out before him from before his birth. The family needed hunters, so he became a hunter. Then they needed defenders, so he became a defender. Then they needed strategists to fight back against the machines, so he became that.

But all that was what was needed. What Bricktooth wanted was to travel. He loved the stars, and while he knew the underground best, he is most happy under a starry sky. He even dreams of traveling to the stars, now that it’s been revealed there are strange things living out there, strange new worlds to explore.

For most of his life, what was needed won out, but as Bricktooth’s mother lay dying of old age, she made him promise not to give his life over entirely to the family. Having done his service as its defender, provider, and researcher, Bricktooth decided after his mother’s death to follow his heart and Desna’s guidance to explore the world, and maybe one day, the stars.

Of course, as he’s quickly learning, that often requires compromises. He needs coin to travel, better protection to survive the dangers of any trip, and friends to make the journey worthwhile, so the stars, in the end, may have to wait.