The Journal of Lindow

Campaign: The Flow of Souls

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Isolated, but not alone.
Darkness floods in, swirling across my vision. My ears ring, the world goes quiet once again. "It's him, isn't it".


"Hey! I know you can hear me..." "SHUT UP! I'm trying to find him, quit your aimless rambling..." it exclaims.

"Hey! I'm blind to the world, with a giant axe wielding fire monster in front of me, and that evil psychic son of a..."

"Do you want to die you utter moron? SHUT UP!"

Again silence. Darkness. That bastard crow has me in his claws once more... god damn voice... I am going to die like this...

I try to focus, searching for an escape from this blackness. The feel of the gun, heavy in my hands, cold, heightens to a sharp tingling and overwhelms as my only, isolated sensation.

"Left, about 30 degrees, just above head height, 75 feet. NOW!"

I snap to my left, and fire without hesitation...

What was that? Why am I so compelled by this unknown voice... what if that was at Dove? or the others?... and after all that it has said.

"The crow's over there! did I get him?!" I yell deafly at the top of my voice, hoping it reaches the others. I stand, locked in position still aimed down my rifle. waiting.

After what feels like an eternity of pleading with both my eyes and for the help of my companions, a blinding whiteness burns my eyes as the darkness wisps away.

I'm back in the world, and yes. We got him.
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Having gone from darkness...
Having gone from darkness, to rumbling, to ruckus, the grab of a hand to plop in the middle of a field, somehow I was out. We needed to flee the town of 'Good rest', that I was sure of. I encourage the others to round up the horses, pile into the carriage and hastily make way north. They had some how managed to locate and jailbreak me. For that I was thankful, but the cost had been high. Of the couple of fighters that had joined ranks with Bael, there is now only one, who grieves his partners loss. The others in our oddly band of travellers miraculously remain mostly unscathed. However, Dove, who looks physically fine, if a little shaken, had earlier been in a much worse state... I'll have to get to the bottom of this later on... Just what happened in there? How did they survive the crows? I owe them a further explanation later.
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Caged darkness.
I sit in the pure darkness of the cell. Once I might have panicked, feared, struggled in vain. I draw myself into a now familiar sitting position, close my eyes, and draw a long breath. I am still, I am quiet, I am nothing.

Time passes, and I reflect on the past month; A favour turned in. A promise. A journey. A darkness, blacker and colder than even here, now. Even blacker and colder still than the steel of my now absent rifle. Doubt. Feeling lost. A friend. Nobles and talk of words I do not understand. My head clouds over in a haze of melancholy. It's saddest of all that alone with my thoughts is where I'm most scared, should forbid, sleep come around yet again so soon.

I've been caged and carolled by them once again. Is this where it ends? I somehow have confidence? perhaps hope that it wouldn't be so easy, that all of the past was not in vain, that it's not my day to be left as carrion on the gallows.

I think deeper. Echoes of voices still fresh. Where is this all leading...

Time passes, I drift on the edge of sleep, abruptly brought back to the room by the memory of an image far more vivid and violent than any other. Deep shadow, that cloak, this place, those words... who, when, why.

I only hope my new found friends do not suffer for my mistakes.
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Lindow, a conquest and a fall.
It had been a decade since Lindow first started keeping a journal. It had been a means of systematically recording his systematic life and the monotony of his routine, noting the minute fluctuations of days as if they were meaningful and valuable for the future. Having broken free of the chains of the facility, he had enjoyed his new found freedom, met real characters, demons, fought shadows of men, of wolves, monsters of the dark. lost an ear, gained an ear! Travelled across seas, through towns to giant cities. Most frightfully of all even made a real connection, a friend. For that he was thankful.

He had followed a path thrown before him, lead him to the edge, and jumped off, he had sought a means to avoid the darkness behind him, but true freedom is not without cost. Perhaps now, he can be the one to loom in a darker shadow, invisible to all but those for whom he cared.

Lindow stood at the bank of the river, reading once more the last page of his past. With a tearing ripple of pages, it flew threw the air, ending with a distant splash. Those days were gone. Time to write a new story.

He patted Dove on the shoulder, "We'd better get going or they might get worried..." He chuckles a little, as they make way for the broken bow.
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Lindow's Journal: 004
S46\D16\13:00: It's been over two week since I last wrote... unheard of I know. Maybe it's the peace of the ocean breeze, the fresh air, the fair winds or hopes of a brighter future, combined with the respite of the open sea, a world apart from the chaos that had come to be my normal life. I know this is an illusion coming ever closer to shattering, but, just for a little longer I'll rest.

She came to me last night, that, mesmerising, powerful being. She spoke to me, gave me options, and for that I'm thankful. It's beyond me why she is willing to help me, or even holds some level of respect for me as a "mere" human. I'm almost led to believe that I'm not; and to that end, I'm going to take her path, show her my true strength and overcome this shadow behind me. One way or another. As cryptic and waveringly uninterested as she seemed, if her word follows form with the strength we witnessed, then there is reason to stock hope in this path. I'll head for the Colosseum in Arche Angel, from there, who knows, but I was a lost soul before this, any direction is better than none, surely.

In short, the count died. I don't want to relive those moment on that island. The scars may have healed physically, but it was just another dark page in my life as a shadow of a man, pain, strife, but at least I met people. They're different from the rest, and yet there is some kind of bond, however weak, as a group between us. I will see where this path my take me, but leaving them may not be for the best at this time, they're... uniquely talented.

Upon arrival to the mainland, perhaps, just maybe, I will remain off the radar from them. I'd like to keep it that way as long as possible. I will take measures to protect my identity and lay low. Hood up, rifle covered. I know it doesn't normally stop them, but they can only have so many resources that are beyond human eyes and ears.

Sigh. I could get used to this life, sailing the seas, away from reality. But I know I wont even be safe here if I waited too long. Until I can settle this, as a nomad I must walk, sweeping away my footsteps as I go.

It's another few weeks until we reach the shore, I must be ready.
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