User: Jesse
Campaign: The Forge of War
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class: Avenger
Fought in the dragon wars, a red hydra slaughtered my troop but a golden figure come down from the heavens and saved my life. Since then ive been searching for the golden figure to thank him for saving me. Very loyal to my friends and once been betrayed it is nearly impossible to earn thy trust back.

Bartimues's parents fled when he was a young kid and got separated from him, he grew up looking out for him and only him, until the day on the battle field where he was saved. Bartimues was honored after the wars as he was the only one from his troop to survive. Bartimues tried to settle down after the wars, but something was always missing, so one day he decided to go on an adventure. He ended up getting ambushed and when he woke up he was in chains, in a strange dungeon. After easily breaking the chains, he took a secret passage and that's where he meet tywnn, varus, gregor.

Bartimues was trained by Scyllua Darkhope, After his training he saw Scyllua Darkhope go through a change but being loyal to her for being his mentor and friend he followed her blindly, and that's how Bartimues got involved with the Zhentrim.

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