Lord-Captain Belgar XVIII of House Lorick

User: Dave
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Leader
Class: Rogue Trader
Belgar is a tall, thin man with short-cropped dark hair, mustache, and goatee. He goes out of his way to avoid comparisons to his fop of a father, and thus dislikes extravagant fashions - preferring high quality, exquisitely maintained military dress. In rare cases where he can't get away with his Carapace armor, he always has on at least his Armored Bodyglove - and he never goes anywhere without his Archeotech Laspistol.

Belgar wears a minimal amount of jewelry - primarily to keep up appearances. This includes a heavy platinum choker adorned with wire-thin platinum rings. He had it commissioned after a recent campaign in which many of his crew were killed - the rings represent slain crew members, and he has more rings added as needed. He considers this a reminder of the 'weight' of those under his command.
Much of who Belgar is now is due to the squabbles of his house. His great-grandfather, Belgar XVII, had two sons: Thoros was a fearsome leader who fought many battles in far-flung corners of House Lorick's empire - determined not to lose an inch of ground gained by his forbears. Locke saw opportunities to focus on areas of greater profit, while abandoning less desirable holdings. After years of squabbles, Thoros returned from an extended campaign weary and low on resources, and was slain in an ambush by his brother. Whispers of what heresies Locke used to succeed in the coup were quickly silenced, as he took control of all the house's remaining forces.

Locke had only a single son, Zarius, whom he doted on. Zarius reveled in opulence above all else - even after inheriting the Warrant of Trade, he grew more decadent, corrupt, and remiss in his duties. After many years of such rule, House Lorick has declined in power and wealth (and to a lesser extent, prestige). Most of the more distant holdings have broken contact entirely, and profits continue to dwindle without new sources of revenue.

Soon, Zarius' first son Belgar was born, and was sent off to be raised on his elderly namesake's ship. The 'Elder Lorick' took a liking to him immediately, and took personal charge of his upbringing - first with stories of glory & adventure, and later with rigorous training. Belgar rarely visited his homeworld, and never got along with his father during their brief visits. Two more sons were born to Zarius - Argos and Kallen - and the house continued to decline as the
years passed.

To keep Belgar out from underfoot (or, perhaps, to get him out of the way), he was eventually given command over his own ship and sent out on series of increasingly dangerous missions. This culminated a harrowing visit to a world which turned out to have a serious Greenskin problem. That might have been the end of him, if not for the timely discovery of a cache of Archeotech (a Teleportarium and various weaponry). The details are a closely held secret from all but his
officer staff.

Needless to say, there is still no love lost between Belgar and his father. He will have to be dealt with in due time... lest he try to claim credit for his progeny's successes, and drag House Lorick down further. His brothers, for their part, seem to take after Zarius. Both see themselves as the future Lord-Captain Lorick, and scheme to make that a reality.
A conflicted man - he finds himself frequently torn between two sides of his personality: 'Lord-Captain Lorick' is defined by duty - to his house, to the Emperor, and to humanity. 'Belgar' is a dreamer who wants to explore the furthest reaches of the Koronus Expanse, see sights not beheld by man in millennia, and find incredible lost technology. Fortunately, due to his station in life, he is frequently able to find opportunities to follow both of his passions.

Belgar is not a outwardly pious man, though he believes strongly in Order and is fiercely loyal to the Imperium. He strictly honors his obligations to spread the Imperial Creed - all the better to spread House Lorick's influence. Above all, he fears his house descending further into chaos, and will do what he can to prevent that.

If Belgar has one flaw, it is Pride. He can come across as cocky & overconfident in himself and his men - though not overly boastful (out loud, anyway). He typically ignores slights to his person (they are beneath him, after all), but has little patience for threats to his crew or his House. He has some history of being goaded into rash action by his father, though this has been tempered by a healthy dose of paranoia as of late. His Pride also drives him to restore House Lorick to it's former glory, whether its former holdings like it or not.