Lemony Silvermint

""If you can't lay 'em, slay 'em!""
User: John
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Godi Cleric
Lemony Silvermint is a Godi, a cleric and servant of the northern Gods. In particular, she worships the Goddess Freyja. In Norse mythology, Freyja is the goddess associated with love, sex, fertility, war and death. Lemony studies the mystical power of runes and hopes to one day master their magic. There are twenty four divine runes and she has each tattooed upon her lithe body. She is quiet but beautiful. She wears a ring mail shirt that extends down past her waist on the outside of her exquisite hips leaving her toned stomach exposed. A mantle of exotic snow leopard drapes across her shoulders. Around her neck hangs her totem, a crudely carved feline figure. She nervously fidgets with it constantly, sometimes talking to it in a low hush. She carries a simple round shield and her hooded short white cape completes her outfit. But it is her prized possession that draws most apprehensive attention, her spear, “Spineshank.” The deadly weapon appears quite out of character for her. A long pointed spear may not seem much of a surprise for someone raised beyond the hinterlands, but it’s the human spine that has been fused into the butt of the weapon that causes such consternation.