Frost Sorrow

""He of the Tribe""
User: John
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Fighter/1
Frost is from the North Lands and can be described as something close to a Woad Warrior, part of the ancient Celtic tribes, where tribal warfare was a regular feature of their societies. His tribe used warfare to exert political control and harass rivals, for economic advantage, and in some instances to conquer territory. Frost carries a classic Celtic long sword with its leaf-bladed design at its hilt. Warfare amongst the tribes was a relatively small scale affair, between groups of élite warriors, which he was one. His societal status is illustrated in two ways, first his striking bright blue facial and body tattoos, second his chainmail armor, an advanced martial garment for his tribe. Between the linked metal rings, blue ribbon has been woven in a detailed Celtiberian design. He also carries a long oval shield called a Thureos . According to clan grouping and social class, Frost was known as an ambaxtoi ("those who accompany") a term in common tongue which ambassador ultimately derives.
Frost is in the Cult of Toutatis, an ancient Celtic God, whose name has been widely interpreted to mean “tribal protector.” Frost often bursts out with the catchphrase "By Toutatis!" Frost is honored and great hearted to wear a silver ring inscribed DEO TOTA roughly decoded as "to the god Toutatis Cult of Toutatis.”