User: Maeven
Race: human
Gender: Female
Class: Druid
I hail from south of The Greenfields, trained by the Serpentwood Druids from an age thought appropriate by my family. I say my family, they are the only ones I know, but they are not my own kin. They see me as frail, small and too young to be out in the world, for they age differently than human kind. Still, they are my family, and they raised me as one of their own, albeit carefully and with more gentleness.

I learned from my Druid enclave to wash and bathe, and all manner of things that humans do. I confess, I've grown to quite like being clean. I was apparently older than they will usually take for an apprentice, but I learned quickly and it did not take long for me to catch up with others that seemed to be of an age as I.

My family would prefer that I stayed with them in the mountains, or safe within the Enclave, but I chose to seek out knowledge of my unknown past. I have their reluctant blessing, and they have bid me to be cautious and remember all I have learned. Most important to my heart, they wish to see me return again, safe with tales of adventures and new knowledge.
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