Tariq ibn Faruq

User: Ryan
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Tariq’s spent his childhood either on the ocean or on the shore. His father, Faruq, was a salvager and fisherman on the Mediterranean coast, and took great joy in pulling anything up from beneath the surface of the sea. Faruq taught Tariq all about diving, and he became quite good at it. On top of being quite good, his father would allow him to keep small bits of treasure to himself, giving young Tariq an early appreciation and fondness of gold and jewels. He loved to find treasure and he loved to trade for something better than he’d found. While Tariq did enjoy diving and fishing, he knew there was more out in the larger world that he wanted to experience, and small glimpses of this vast place showed themselves when he and his father went to market.

After doing some trading as a youth at the markets, Tariq was recruited by a vessel to dive for loot in ship wreckage. He did not expect, when he agreed to set out on this voyage, that the ship wrecks he’d be diving into were the ones that his crewmates had just recently created. It was, though, an adventure, and Tariq received his fair share for the part he played in creating and recovering wreckage. Thrills, adventure, and treasure are what bring Tariq happiness, and so it became his mission to acquire as much of that as he could.

Fortunately for him, when his ship was caught in a storm and transported to another world, a whole new land of adventure that he had only dreamt of was now at his fingertips. He, perhaps, could become like one of the heroes in the stories he’d been told as a child. He, hopefully, could become like Sinbad, or perhaps a character in one of the 1001 tales. It was possible, even, he considered, that this land was where some of these stories originated. Tariq decided, soon after arriving, that if this new land offered him an opportunity for adventure, fame, and fortune, that he could not possibly turn that offer down.