"“In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In death, sacrifice.”"
User: Nivek
Race: Shifter
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Ranger/Seeker MC Avenger/9
At 5'9" and 160lbs T'Shula is not immediately intimidating, and appears, to the untrained eye, to be an ordinary Adventurer. This deception makes him perfect for his job as an Advance Scout and Hunter for The Grey Wardens.

At night T'Shula is all but invisible due to Black hair and Dark Brown (almost black) skin. He keeps his hair pulled back from his face most of the time. His eyes are Blood red, a side effect of his Order's Joining Ritual.

His Armor is adorned with the heraldry of the Grey Wardens, Two griffins displayed back to back, wings elevated, maintaining an Ironbark Branch in their claws. He wears no boots as hit feet are claws and he is still able to maintain a connection to the primal world through his feet. On his wrists are leather armbands, concealing a throwing Dagger (if I get them) in each wrist. The 3 remaining daggers of the set are strategically placed on a strap running over his shoulder and attaching to his belt. He often wears a plain dirt colored cloak over his armor to conceal his identity while scouting and traveling. His cloak also aids in the concealment of a dagger and/or short sword (again, if I get them) hanging from his belt. He wears no jewelry short of a neck torc made from a strange metal known as Veined Iron. The metal itself is dark gray, almost black in color and has veins of blue and red running through it. The torc is the only sure fire means of identifying a member of the Gray Wardens as they are the sole possessors of the alchemical techniques used to turn ordinary steel into veined iron. The torc, bound to the individual Warden at the completion of their training, is made using powerful rituals which cause the torc to harden and become almost indestructible. The only known way to remove a Wardens Torc is to attempt to take their head off with it, and this rarely ends well for the attempted remover.
T'Shula was once known as Moon-Runner of the Razorclaw Shifters. He was named to reflect his midnight like appearance. Even as a small child he was fascinated with the land and protecting it from those that would defile it. His fascination with the forest earned him selection to Ranger training. Just as his dedication to protecting the world around him as well as his innate interest and ability in the Primal Forces of the world drove him to volunteer for the elite Seeker training. T'Shula spent many years as Moon-runner of the Green Guard, patrolling the land around his clan's home in the wilderness of the North. It as one such patrol that landed him on the steps of the Grey Wardens' Fortress.

He was the leader of his patrol tracking a group of Orcs terrorizing the local populace and destroying everything in their path. When they caught up with them there was a terrible battle, which resulted in the death of all but 3 of Moon-Runners patrol and greatly wounding one of those 3. As they traveled home, a great storm forcing them to seek shelter in a fortress they stumbled upon to the North. They were quickly granted shelter, their wounds healed by clerics, and treated very well by it's occupants. The next morning they were all brought into a great hall where they were told who the occupants were and what their mission in life was. They were the Grey Wardens. Each member of his patrol was given a choice. 2 chose death and he and one other chose to join. Those that chose not to serve were quickly and mercifully dispatched without a pause, while Moon-Runner watched in horror. It was explained to him that they take no pleasure in the killing and were actually saddened by it, a fact Moon-Runner saw true in their eyes.
They were both then told of the ritual's details. Drinking of the Demonic Blood, the possibility of dying, and the cutting of this life's ties. They were then asked one last time if they still wished to join. Both agreed. As Moon-Runners companion drank, he suddenly started to choke, then began screaming that it burned, and finally fell forward to the ground dead. It was Moon-Runners turn. As he drank he was choked by it and then his blood felt as if it were on fire in every vein of his body, however he fell backwards and felt himself dying, followed a sudden rush of strength as he held the line within himself, maintained the strength to hold off the taint and keep it from consuming him. When he awoke he was greeted now, not as an outsider, but as a Brother. He was no longer Moon-Runner of the Razorclaw's. He was now T'Shula of the Grey Wardens.

His journey began immediately. He was bonded to his torc, taught of his new abilities, outfitted with new armor, and assigned a mentor of sorts. T'Shula traveled with his mentor to the North peaks of the mountains, to the deepest expanses of swamps, to the hottest deserts, and to many cities. They were watchers, trackers, hunters, and scouts for the Grey Warden army. The likes of which have not been seen in many, many, many years. But now, something sinister is being whispered in the wind, by the Primal Spirits of the world, and sensed by every Grey Warden. T'Shula, now a mature Warden of great standing and influence has been dispatched by the Captain of the Grey Wardens to discover the source of this disturbance. He travels not as a Grey Warden, but as a newly appointed Grey Warden Commander.