Arnfinn Voldbakken

User: John
Campaign: Fallen Lands II
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Fighter/1
Towering, such a strange word. Why not just call him tall, thought Arnfinn every time his father used the word to describe his son. Hunched over in their longhouse, Arnfinn literally stood head and shoulders above his horde of brothers. Always standing out, he became reserved, almost afraid to use his deep voice, unless it was to gain advantage in battle or to sing passionately with his tribe. But it was his mammoth size that lends itself to easily wield his weapon of choice, the two-handed war hammer.
The flaring rays of the borealis shining above the Nordheim mountains of home compete with flames of the roaring fire. Ymir, the Frost Giant God, has smiled upon his tribe this day. The ale flows freely as they feast upon hunks of the enormous caribou still smoldering on the spit. They belt out songs that are as wild, wayward and fierce as they are. Their voices are thundering, encouraged by the fact that tomorrow, this band of brothers will scatter on the powerful winds in search of adventure.