Pig Ulfberht

"Who are you looking at?"
User: Hulk Smash
Campaign: Spattered Star
Race: Half Orc
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Barbarian/3
Ulfberht is also a traditional Viking name of one of the best swords ever to be forged in Europe at the time. Its carbon content was close to 3x that of other swords of its kind, and is rumored to have technology coming from middle east. It is supposedly close to Damascus steel.
Named Pig a traditional Viking name for the tusks and my parents found me "Boaring" was their joke about the name until they decided to kick me out since the extra ugly mouth wasn't worth feeding. Winter had come and it wasn't polite when I had left at the age of 8. Alone in the wild I learned much from my fellow beasts and ironically a small grouping of boars which I watched from a distance, their ferocity and rage taught me all I needed to know.
  • Svetlana's Ring (Completed) Plus Spacer
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