"Get off my lawn!"
User: Liam
Race: Half-elf
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class: Summoner
A thin wiry old fellow favoring practical garb and a walking stick. His eternally dour expression seems at odds with the mischievous twinkle in his eye.
Barnabas was always a man ill-suited to his surroundings. Quick witted and gregarious but physically unremarkable, he spent the balance of his life scratching out a meager living in Rostland, unable to put either quality to much use.

He grew up, married, raised a family, saw his children grow up and move away, was widowed over a harsh winter and now finds himself with no further use for his farm.

In his time he farmed, negotiated with merchants on behalf of his fellow farmers, served as what passed for a barrister and even briefly a magistrate in the tiny nearby village, but never found much fulfillment in any of it. He simply did what was necessary because it was necessary.

Now, having lived what most would have considered a full life, he turns outward to the horizon, and inward to the arcane gifts he spent decades ignoring.
  • Svetlana's Ring (Completed) Plus Spacer
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