The Journal of Kyne Darkblade

Campaign: Curse of Strahd

Really, Shokk, Really?!
So I decided me and Shokk should go back to Vallaki to, you know, recycle some goods and make some new friends.

While there we met those wonder drinking brothers! They still haven't notice the missing knife, so I said to Shokk "These guys seem like great people! We should drink with them!" Shokk and the brothers think this is a grand plan, of course.

As we're drinking I can't help but notice that Left Brother has a very nice cloth of gold pouch. It looks weighted down with something valuable for sure. I insisted we have a big old party, and the brother don't seem to mind paying for it. I ask the innkeep for the best wine, and, seeing my opportunity, slip a little aide to help it hit harder. Things were going fine, we were drinking, I'd slipped myself and Shokk the antidote, but what do you know, he drops that cup! Still, a couple of the lovly ladies were getting involved, and when Left Brother got up to 'water the garden' I snagged that pouch. What do you know, not only did it look pretty, but it had several gold crowns, and silver plated dice! "Great!" I thought to myself. "With a bit of work I can get these babies to roll just how I want them too."

Then I noticed Right Brother had the very handsome ivory-hilted dagger with gold filigree and an amethyst bigger than my thumbnail! Needless to say I figured that it would go batter with my maroon cloak and subdued blacks rather than either of the brother's ostentatious tunics and trousers. Urging Shokk on and saying something about revenge for loseing the last contest we had with the brothers, which I made up right then and there, a good and rousing story, meant that the paladin was all in to drink them down.

And I'll be damned if he did! Right after the brothers passed out, so did Shokk. Using their coin, and surreptitiously listing my beautiful dagger, I had several of the local lads take them home safe and sound. Deciding Shokk was fine where he was I paid the inkeep to let him sleep it off on the floor. After getting several flattering invitations me and my new lady friends when to one of their houses for more celebration, if you know what I mean. After several, exhausting hours I hear a commotion from outside and I hear a familiar, if slurred, roar.

"Just great," I though, scrabbling for my clothes (and making sure my money and new dagger were still there). It turns out Shokk has the rare alergy to the drug I used: It imparts hallucinations to the imbiber! Leave the rest of the coins from the cloth of gold pouch, though not the pouch itself, to my various bedmates, I chased after Shokk only to see him pass out in front of the ex-Baron's wife. Quickly spinning a story about how he was been sleeping off a drunk and then sensing her danger through his powers granted by his god, I got her to forgive him the destroyed house and guards. Then, in a stroke of genius I told her about my own small part, ambushing the undead servants of Strahd and leading them on a merry chase so as not to disturb such a vision of beauty. It earned me a blush and a kiss, and we were given a cart so that we could leave to draw off any more minions.

I woke Shokk a few hours later and spun him a story about bad wine, and how we had to leave town after he 'saved' the lady of the manor. The look on his face was priceless!
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New place, old problems
This Barovia place is, frankly, abominable. I thought the note we received was too good to be true. And it was. At first I thought we could be doing well for ourselves since I ...acquired... the deed to a house and a windmill. Turns out the house is haunted, full of tunnels underneath, filled with undead, AND demons! I'll have to tare down the house, fill in the earth, salt it, consecrate it, then build a silver foundation woven with spells of warding! I mean, once I do that my house will be the most spectacular in ...wherever we are, but it will be EXPENSIVE. I'll have to see how much I get from the Windmill.

Healing Ireena was good, and I was glad to show her my skills, though Verity and Volta seem more appreciative of my skills. Both would make an excellent partner, Verity in the more traditional sense, though Volta's ...natural beauty... shows through with that nice coat and partially laced shirt. Gotta say, I'd never be cold with her around.

The Vistani camp was great fun. Reminds me of some people I met when I was much younger. My mother, I think, brought me to them. I remember dancing and music, and several of the young women taking turns playing with me. Still, that was long ago and I have more pressing things to deal with.
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